Our Story

It started in a Tel Aviv coffee shop.

Half-Australian, half-Israeli, and a longtime nomad, Tamar Pross became obsessed with learning how to quickly, seamlessly, and enjoyably immerse herself into the local culture and lifestyle. After moving 18 times across four continents, Tamar returned to Tel Aviv and set out to rediscover this city she once called home. Along the way, Tamar met Efrat Chen, one of the most sought-after Hebrew teachers in Israel, and the two teamed up to create Citizen Café Tel Aviv, with the goal of providing the city’s growing community of internationals with an opportunity to become more successful, engaged, and connected to an otherwise unfamiliar culture in and around Tel Aviv.

For us, language is much more than a literal translation of it, it is a reflection of the culture, the essence, the energy, the way people look at the world. That’s why more than teaching the technical skills of the language like everyone, we are here to hack, adapt and present the Israeli genetic code to you through language, to enable you to take part in it.  This is the key to feeling a real sense of belonging. Language that is a part of the authentic cultural context.

The Team

Tamar Pross

Founder & Head of Citizen Cafe

Tamar is an Israeli-Australian entrepreneur, certified enneagram coach, a documentary film producer, and avid soy hafuch drinker and can usually be found riding her bike along Rothschild Boulevard.

Efrat Chen

Co-Founder & Director of Hebrew

From teaching Hebrew as a foreign language at the Touro College in Israel, to becoming Citizen Café’s Director of Hebrew, Efrat never backs down from a challenge (even hiking Kilimanjaro!). While teaching Hebrew brings her joy, the “joy of cooking” does not.

Arik Praisman


Arik was born is Moscow, raised in Jerusalem, & wandered to the great city of Tel Aviv at the age of 26 & never left! Arik spent a year and a half traveling the world driven by his love for adventure and visiting exotic islands.

Tsafi Katz

Hebrew Teacher & Community Manager

Tsafi says she is best understood by three simple things: theatre, friends, and by being your best resource for happy hour recommendations! Tsafi’s real name is Tsafrir which is super hard to pronounce in English and in Hebrew.

Ariel Petsonk

Customer Relations Manager

Ariel was born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden and moved to Israel in 2011. He plays guitar, loves taking photos, and has a tendency to walk around barefoot.

Jessica Kitchens

Marketing & Creative Manager

Originally from Tennessee, Jessica traveled the world to study doula-ing, African dance, yoga therapy, whale photography, and Alaskan fishing. She is now an official proud Tel Avivian.

Sarah Markowitz

Educational Advisor

Sarah is a professional actress originally from New York, now living in Tel Aviv for the past 4 years. She loves yoga, reading, cooking and of course, traveling the world, and in Israel.

Tal Gilboa

Office Manager

Tal is a proud vegan and loves her crazy 8 year old dog Oli. You can find her doing pilates and playing beach volleyball on the weekends! Her dream is to bump into Tarantino in the streets of TLV and pitch him the next movie idea of the century.

Sunny Lior

Educational Advisor

Sunny is a born & bred Tel Avivian who loves to laugh, is a fitness freak and her favorite place is the beach! At one point, Sunny spent 8 years living in Miami Beach!

Mira Goren

Education Advisor

Originally from Jerusalem, Mira admits Tel Aviv stole her heart. Other important facts: She loves movies, musicals, animals, and chocolate, and mostly, sleeping- Don’t talk to her before coffee! PS- She’s convinced that she’s a cast member of “Friends”…

Moises Levy


Born and raised in Mexico City, Moises, aka Chili, acquired skills such as the most experienced taco chef in the world and has a P.H.D in Science of Tequila. He arrived in Tel-Aviv three years ago, loves sports, food, and is ready to conquer the world – so get ready.

Shalev Gelber

Sales & Hebrew Teacher

Shalev is an Israeli actor, who loves life. Partying all night and surfing the waves of TLV with, Shalev’s motto is: be satisfied, happy, and hug the regrets of life. He sees himself retiring in Iceland, hunting his salmon for dinner, and chucking wood for the fireplace every afternoon.

Daniel Goldman


Born and raised in Baltimore, and currently living in Herzliya, Daniel loves singing, writing and hosting friends on his rooftop. He has also seen two octopuses on two different Israeli beaches which he is really excited about!

Ofri Segev


Israeli born and raised. When she’s not at work, you can find her traveling, singing, and buying vintage clothes. Ofri’s guilty pleasure is watching cooking shows on Netflix, and her biggest dream is to travel the world in a caravan. If that’s not enough… SHE’S A VEGAN CAT LADY!!! – (drops the mic).

Ron Meuhas

Social Media Manager

Born in Israel, raised in Panama (a good cultural mix), Ron has a passion for social media. Recently graduated from IDC Herzliya and just moved to Tel Aviv, Ron keeps her search for good food and wine around the world – but still looking for a way to never gain weight without exercising!

Maya Zar


Maya is a proper New Yorker who made Aliyah and served in the army. Her friends call her “fun sized” because of her short height and huge amount of energy, and it makes total sense since she’s always looking for an adventure! She loves chilling with friends and music – and will never say no to a gin & tonic!


Nimrod Ronen

Hebrew Teacher

Nimrod, nicknamed ‘Nim’, is a trained theater actor. When he isn’t teaching Hebrew at Citizen Café, he works with the autistic and special needs community, merging his two greatest passions: education and drama-therapy.

Noeat Kedem

Head of Teachers

Noeat is truly one-of-kind. (Even her Hebrew name is unique.) Trained in Israel’s renowned school of performing arts Bet Zvi, Noeet is a triple threat: professional actress, children’s voice coach and Hebrew teacher.

Mickey Yonas

Hebrew Teacher

Mickey is an award-winning independent theater creator, museum guide, and Candy Crush champion. She’s also learning Russian and is always looking for someone to practice with.

Ateret Ben-Tzvi

Hebrew Teacher

Ateret’s passions include urban agriculture, meditation, mindfulness, & languages. As a hobby, she loves sewing clothes & accessories and chilling daily in one of Tel Aviv’s green spaces (her favorite is Gan Meir).

Shay Jibri Ashkenazi

Hebrew Teacher

Shay is an actor, director and acting coach who graduated from the performing arts school Beit Zvi. He also has a degree in Education from Kibbutzim College. Shay is an entrepreneur who founded ActinGym, an acting and directing community startup.

Shai Raskin

Hebrew Teacher

Shai is a real animal lover. She is a vegan, but you won’t hear any lecture about it because she believes in “live and let live.” In her spare time you can find her “charging herself” in the sun.

Rachel Goldberg

Hebrew Teacher

Rachel is a journalist and could explain anything you need to know about Israeli politics, but would rather trade recipes and share photos of her ginger cat.

Matan Omer

Hebrew Teacher

In addition to being a talented Hebrew teacher, Matan is a passionate culinary and cultural guide, sharing the secrets of Israeli food and history.

Hadas Yaron

Hebrew Teacher

Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Hadas is a Hebrew teacher and actress. She loves painting, music, meditation, languages, Italian food or, as she said, “just put me on the beach with my cat and a bowl of spaghetti and I’m happy”

Amir Zloter

Hebrew Teacher

Amir is a playwright and a theater director. He has a deep fascination with languages and could go on and on about contemporary British playwrighting. He is also quite passionate about the law, but that’s only because he can’t stop binging “The Good Wife” on Netflix.

Tomer Ben Aharon

Hebrew Teacher

Tomer is a professional translator from English, French and Persian, and has translated over twenty books to Hebrew. He is a lifelong Tel-avivian, and is proud to be a former failed musician.

Lior Galron Schlesinger

Hebrew Teacher

Lior is an actress, dancer, and singer, specializing in musicals. Though born in Nazareth Illit, she’s since become a full-time Tel Avivian, living here with her family. Fun fact? She’s an excellent cook and a pro at finding the best sales!

Ido Peled

Hebrew Teacher

In addition to teaching Hebrew, Ido teaches literature and translates poetry and prose from German to Hebrew. Ido is an avid fan of soap operas and video games, and likes to spend his weekends making home made ice creams and hosting home made karaoke parties.

Saar Sharifi

Hebrew Teacher

Saar is a professional actor, singer and songwriter. When he isn’t teaching at Citizen Café, he’s an acting mentor and theatre director. Saar’s Moto: I’m an artist at living, my work of art is my life.

Eli Romanovsky

Hebrew Teacher

Eli was born in Jerusalem, but is now a proud Tel Avivian. He’s a geek for Tel Avivian history and an incredible linguist. He is fluent in 4 languages and is working on his fifth: Arabic!

Yaaley Weiss

Hebrew Teacher

Yaaley has lived in all three of Israel’s biggest cities: Grew up in Haifa, studied in Jerusalem, and now lives in Tel Aviv! She’s an actress who loves traveling around the world- snowboarding being one of her biggest passions!

Yam Weinberg

Hebrew Teacher

Yam has been a Tel Avivian her whole life (minus a two year adventure in Paris). She’s an artist, philosopher, loves growing everything from plants to sourdough bread, and appreciates how Tel Aviv gives the feeling of its past, present and future all at the same time.

Danielle Barkay

Hebrew Teacher

As well as being a Hebrew teacher in CitizenCafe, Danielle is an actress and translator. She travels a lot for work but always comes back to her favorite city in the world- Tel Aviv.

Noa Wagner

Hebrew Teacher

Besides her love for teaching Hebrew, Noa is a director, producer, movement instructor, and published writer! Though a proud Tel Avivian, she also lived 3 years in London doing her master’s and working in the theatre industry.


Happiness Manager

Originally from Bethlehem, Rozi moved to Tel Aviv when she turned one. Though typically sleeping, she’s also an expert at being Tel Avivian with daily walks on Rothschild and a bouncy greeting for familiar faces.

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