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You probably already know how to use words like סבבה (sababa – cool, alright) and תודה (toe-dah – thanks). Now it’s time to learn the words that make you feel like a local when you’re using WhatsApp! 


1. Oppa! Someone just texted you? Let’s learn how to say “message” in Hebrew!

Keyword: הוֹדָעָה

Translation: message

Transliteration: hoh-dah-ah


2. Did that guy from your class WhatsApp group just sent you a private message

Keyword: הוֹדָעָה פְּרָטִית

Translation: private message

Transliteration: hoh-dah-ah prah-teet


3. Oh, sababa, it was just another group message

Keyword: הוֹדָעָה קְבוּצָתִית

Translation: group message

Transliteration: hoh-dah-ah k’voo-tzah-teet


4. Voice messages are the best when you’re in a hurry!

Keyword: הוֹדָעָה קוֹלִית

Translation: voice message

Transliteration: hoh-dah-ah koh-leet


5. Now it’s time to record (a voice message) in Hebrew!

Keyword: לְהַקְלִיט

Translation:  to record (a voice message)



6. You’re having a birthday party? Let’s open a WhatsApp group!

Keyword: קְבוּצַת וואטסאפ

Translation:  WhatsApp Group

Transliteration:k’voo-tzaht whahts-ahpp 


7. Wow! What a beautiful new profile picture!

 Keyword: תְּמוּנַת פְּרוֹפִיל 

Translation: profile picture

Transliteration: t’moo’naht proh-feel 


8. Even my grandma knows how to send pictures on WhatsApp!

 Keyword: לִשְׁלֹוחַ

Translation: to send

Transliteration: leesh-loh-ahch


9. Do you want to just send me a text?

 Keyword: לְסַמֵּס

Translation: to send a text

Transliteration: leh-sah-mes

*PS – this one is easy if you remember that “to send an SMS” sounds like “leh-sah-mes”!


10. Ah, Idan and Rozi? I heard they were texting one another!

 Keyword: לְהֶסְתַּמֵּס

Translation: to text one another

Transliteration: leh-hees-tah-mes


About the author:

Jessica Bloomfield Kitchens has an insatiable passion for sharing the local Tel Avivian culture. Originally from Tennessee, she now happily calls Tel Aviv home.