Project Description

It’s fair to say that Hebrew is a pretty challenging language, but with these tips you will find your “in-class” studies much more effective & enjoyable!

1. Don’t try to analyze the language, just focus on the practice of speaking it!

2. Try to find the “flow” and connection between the words of your sentence. Don’t think separately about the words that build a sentence.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

4. Be brave and use it “outside”.

5. Look at the person you are practicing with in class. Make an eye contact to help simulate a more “real” conversation.

6. Say it like you mean it! It’s not just a bunch of words that you are saying- they actually mean something now.

7. Let go and trust your tongue- often it’s faster and more “clever” than your brain.

8. Learning a new language is a process. Embrace it and enjoy it!

9. There is nothing like “too much” when it comes to repetition.

10. Use it (today!) or lose it!

11. When you learn a new word, say it many times, hear it many times, play with it, try to own it, and make it yours. Only afterwards write it in down.


Tips by Citizen Café TLV’s director of Hebrew, Efrat Chen.