Project Description

Listening to Israeli music can take you on a cultural journey, and leave you with a better understanding (or at least feeling) of the local narratives. For many Israelis, the songs on this list contain strong cultural significance, and locals can’t help but associate them with the particular topics, time periods, or influencers that ended up shaping or reshaping the culture.

To bridge the gap for internationals in Israel, Citizen Café hosted the Israeli-music enthusiast and co-owner of Giraffa Urban Experience, Itay Laor, to guide a musical “crash-course” journey on these Israeli classics and currents. The result? Internationals felt more connected and understanding of Israeli culture, and with no better way than through this fascinating musical lens!

Now it’s your turn to explore the playlist! 

1. Kibbutz Life

2. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF)

3. Yemenite Jews

4. The Israeli Bruce Springsteen


5. The Israeli Bob Dylan


6. The Heart of Israeli 80’s/90’s

7. The Renaissance of Mizrachi #1

8. The Renaissance of Mizrachi #2

9. Israeli Pop and Reality

10. Eurovision Stars

11. Gay Pride


Want to join an Israeli music tour led by our host Giraffa Urban Experience? Click here!


Written by: Jessica Bloomfield Kitchens