15 Hebrew Words That Have Weird Double Meanings

15 Hebrew Words That Have Weird Double Meanings2019-07-07T14:29:42+00:00

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Hebrew is an ancient language, which means many words have multiple meanings.


1. כִּיכָּר

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Transliteration: kee-kar

Meanings: roundabout, loaf of bread, square (place)


2. לְפַצֵּחַ

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Transliteration: leh-fah-tzeh-ahch

Meanings: to crack open, to find mutual friends (slang)


3. הוֹרֵס / הוֹרֶסֶת

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Transliteration: hoh-res (m), hoh-res-et (f)

Meanings: destroys, someone or something wonderful/terrific/great (slang)


4. מִבְצָע


Transliteration: meev-tzah

Meanings: military operation, sale


5. לְבַקֵּר


Transliteration: leh-vah-ker

Meanings: to visit, to critique


6. תּוֹתָח / תּוֹתָחִית


Transliteration: toh-tahch (m), toh-tah-cheet (f)

Meanings: canon, someone or something outstanding (slang)


7. לְהַזְמִין


Transliteration: leh-hahz-meen

Meanings: to order, to invite


8. כַּדּוּר


Transliteration: kah-door

Meanings: ball, pill, scoop of ice cream, bullet


9. שָׁוֶוה / שָׁוָוה

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Transliteration: shah-veh (m), shah-vah (f)

Meanings: equal, deserving/worthy (slang)


10. לְסַפֵּר


Transliteration: leh-sah-per

Meanings: to tell, to cut hair


11. לִשְׁאֹוף


Transliteration: leesh-ohf

Meanings: to aspire, to inhale


12. לְקַשְׁקֵשׁ

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Transliteration: leh-kahsh-kesh

Meanings: to scramble, to gossip/babble


13. לַחְפֹּור


Transliteration: lahch-for

Meanings: to dig, to talk too much about something (slang)


14. הָפוּךְ


Transliteration: hah-fooch

Meanings: opposite/reversed, cappuccino


15. לָמוּת


Transliteration: lah-moot

Meanings: to die, to be crazy about someone or something