Project Description

How many of these can you relate to?

1. You push and shove to get on a bus — seconds prior to the doors opening.

Photo by @tmir_recycle

2. You call AM:PM ampam.

Photo by @rotbartrotem

3. You own at least one pair of Blundstone, Teva or Shoresh.

Photo by @danahum92

4. You know how to use the word דווקא properly in a sentence.

Photo by @danaduldner

5. You start wishing people שבת שלום on Wednesday.

6. You own a grocery cart for the שוק (market).

Photo by @irittiti

7. You’ve started an art project with your אגורות

Photo by @nic_los

8. You use the hand signal for רגע with complete strangers.

Photo by TLV1 Radio

9. You dress nicer to go to a bar than to a wedding.

10. “Meeting the parents” over Shabbat dinner on a second or third date is totally normal.

Photo by @rachelbital

11. A צ׳ייסר is an acceptable amount of liquor.

Photo by @rusticotlv

12. You have a “the first time I tried Tubi” story.

Photo by @tubi60israel

13. You find yourself telling taxi drivers your life story 10 seconds after you get into the car.

14. You tell your barber you’re looking for a date because you know he’ll have someone for you.

Photo by @roshemhd

15. You curse the תגלית (Birthright) kids even though you were once one of them.