Project Description

Thinking about moving to Tel Aviv? Or, already living here?

Here’s everything you can expect, from both sides of the same coin.


Getting Around


1. Advantage: You don’t need a car to easily get around town.

2. Disadvantage: There’s no public transportation (buses and trains) on Saturdays, making it difficult to get outside the city for a weekend getaway.

Keyword: נְגִישׁוּת

Translation: accessibility

Transliteration: neh-gee-shoot


Some people!


3. Advantage: You constantly bump into friends and colleagues around town.

4. Disadvantage: You also constantly bump into ex’s and other people you prefer not to see.

Keyword: לְהִתָּקֵל

Translation: to run into

Transliteration: leh-hee-tah-kel


Long live democracy.


5. Advantage: Tel Aviv is home to Rabin Square, the largest square in all of Israel.

6. Disadvantage: Protests at Rabin Square every other week cause massive traffic jams and sometimes dangerous conditions.

Keyword: הַפְגָּנָה

Translation: demonstration

Transliteration: haf-gah-nah


FOMO is real.


7. Advantage: There’s always something (or 10 things) to do every day of the week.

8. Disadvantage: Your wallet and bank account bear the brunt of it.

Keyword: עִיר לְלֹא הַפְסָקָה

Translation: city that never sleeps

Transliteration: eer leh-loh hahf-sah-kah


Life’s a beach.


9. Advantage: Tel Aviv is one of the best beach cities in the world.

10. Disadvantage: The cost of living makes it seem like you practically live on the beach (even if you don’t).

Keyword: יֹוקֶר הַמִּחְיָה

Translation: cost of living

Transliteration: yoh-ker hah-meech-yah


Let’s get weird.


11. Advantage: Tel Aviv is where people move to be weird (in a good way).

12. Disadvantage: Tel Aviv is where people move to be weird (in a weird way).

Keyword: גִוּוּן

Translation: diversity

Transliteration: gee-voon


There’s something in the air.


13. Advantage: Every place is equipped with good air conditioning.

14. Disadvantage: The air-conditioning units leak from the buildings, directly onto the sidewalks.

Keyword: לִדְלֹוף

Translation: to leak

Transliteration: leed-lohf


Drink responsibly.


15. Advantage: You can drink alcohol in public until 11 at night.

16. Disadvantage: Much of Tel Aviv’s nightlife doesn’t really start before 11 at night.

Keyword: מֻוקְדָּם, מְאֻוחָר

Translation: early, late

Transliteration: mook-dahm, meh-oo-char


Beauty and the Beast


17. Advantage: Tel Aviv is home to the most beautiful people you’ll ever see.

18. Disadvantage: Unless you’re one of them, these people will make you feel super insecure.

Keyword: יוֹפִי

Translation: beauty

Transliteration: yoh-fee


Summer Lovin’

19. Advantage: Tel Aviv has summer weather 300 days out of the year.

20. Disadvantage: People suddenly don’t know how to drive or leave their homes when it rains for a few days during the winter.

Keyword: עוֹנָה

Translation: season

Transliteration: oh-nah


No shoes, no shirt, no service.


21. Advantage: No matter where you live in Tel Aviv, you’re no more than a 30-minute walk from the beach.

22. Disadvantage: You easily forget it’s not acceptable to wear flip-flops and tank tops all the time.

Keywords: כַּפְכַּפִים, גּוּפִיָּיה

Translation: flip-flops, tank top

Transliteration: kahf-kahf-eem, goof-eeh-yah


Dog Days


23. Advantage: Tel Aviv is such a dog-friendly city.

24. Disadvantage: The sidewalks are full of “land mines.”

Keyword: הַפְתָּעָה

Translation: surprise

Transliteration: hahf-tah-ah


Safety First


25. Advantage: Tel Aviv is safer than most people think.

26. Disadvantage: Every now and again, we have what Israelis call “an escalation” with our Middle Eastern neighbors.

Keyword: בִּטָּחוֹן

Translation: safety

Transliteration: beeh-tah-chohn


Up, up, and away!


27. Advantage: Tel Aviv is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the world.

28. Disadvantage: Rent is like Manhattan, but the buildings look like Harlem.

Keyword: שְׂכַר דִּירָה

Translation: rent

Transliteration: s’char dee-rah


How to Save a Life


29. Advantage: Tel Avivians are very open and forthcoming.

30. Disadvantage: Lifeguards at the beach will comment about your appearance on the loudspeaker.

Keyword: מַצִּיל, מַצִּילָה

Translation: lifeguard

Transliteration: mah-tzeel (m), mah-tzee-lah (f)


Take cover!


31. Advantage: Matkot (paddleball) might as well be the official beach sport of Tel Aviv.

32. Disadvantage: Walking on the beach requires a bulletproof vest and a helmet.

Keyword: סַכָּנָה

Translation: danger

Transliteration: sah-kah-nah