The 9 Dos and Dont’s for Dating Men in Israel

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Jessica Bloomfield Kitchens
Jessica Bloomfield Kitchens

We asked local Israeli guys what they think girls should know when dating in Israel, and here’s what they said!

  • DO let him pay, but not always. The guy is most likely to pay for the both of you for at least two or three dates, but remember that prices in Israel aren’t cheap so it’s also appreciated if you pay sometimes.
  • DO laugh at his jokes and let him know you find him funny, if you do. Your guy will love it.
  • DON’T judge too much. If he doesn’t have a car or lives with his parents, try not to see it as a deal breaker.
  • DO, however, kick his butt to the curb if he seems lazy. Yes, Israel is expensive, but try to discern financially wise decisions from lazy ones.
  • DON’T overthink stuff. We tend to be quite simple. If we talk to you we are most likely interested in you.
  • DO have patience. We aren’t great multitaskers and have a low attention span, so if your guy is doing something, try to let him finish before asking him to do another thing, otherwise you might end up without anything done.
  • DO give space. If your guy wants to go out with his friends, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. In fact, if you encourage him to hang out with them once in a while he’ll appreciate you even more.
  • DO take interest in your guy’s hobbies. Even if they are boring to you, guys love girls who show interest in what they love (Editor’s note: Girls dating video game lovers get a special exemption)
  • DO win him over with food. Israelis are foodies, if you wanna win his heart, start with his stomach.
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