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We asked local Israeli guys for their best advice on dating girls in Israel, and here’s what they said!


DO be somewhat aloof

“If you’ll show too much excitement, most likely the girl will lose interest and it won’t go too far.”


DO use the “kiss” method 

“Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Don’t be extravagant.”


DO get a car

“Girls here tend to judge you if you can’t pick them up.”


DO move out from your family house. 

“Girls here tend to judge if you live with your parents after your mid twenties.”


DON’T bring up politics.

“This is usually a big no-no topic unless either she happens to be into it and/or has the same political affinity as you.”


DON’T let her share the bill on the first date! 

“Otherwise you’ll look cheap and could lose your chance at a second date.”


DON’T be shy about being spiritual. 

“A lot of girls in Israel are somewhat religious so if you’re spiritual that can be a plus.”


DO send a message after a date saying it was fun! 

“And if she’s going home on her own, tell her to send you a message when she arrives home safely.” (Editor’s note: If things went well, drop her off at home!)


DON’T boast

“Girls here like somewhat modest guys. If you have something cool to tell about yourself, try keeping it low-key.”


Written by: Jessica Bloomfield Kitchens