The 9 Dos and Dont’s for Dating Girls in Israel

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

We asked local Israeli guys for their best advice on dating girls in Israel, and here’s what they said!


– DO be somewhat aloof.

“If you’ll show too much excitement, most likely the girl will lose interest and it won’t go too far.”


– DO use the “kiss” method

“Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. Don’t be extravagant.”


– DO get a car.

“Girls here tend to judge you if you can’t pick them up.”


– DO move out from your family house.

“Girls here tend to judge if you live with your parents after your mid twenties.”


– DON’T bring up politics.

“This is usually a big no-no topic unless either she happens to be into it and/or has the same political affinity as you.”


– DON’T let her share the bill on the first date!

“Otherwise you’ll look cheap and could lose your chance at a second date.”


– DON’T be shy about being spiritual.

“A lot of girls in Israel are somewhat religious so if you’re spiritual that can be a plus.”


– DO send a message after a date saying it was fun!

“And if she’s going home on her own, tell her to send you a message when she arrives home safely.” (Editor’s note: If things went well, drop her off at home!)


– DON’T boast.

“Girls here like somewhat modest guys. If you have something cool to tell about yourself, try keeping it low-key.”

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