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Israeli weddings are considered some of the most fun, but if you don’t know the right Hebrew, they can be a bit difficult to navigate. So, here’s a list of Hebrew phrases which will help you survive the madness that is a wedding in Israel.

1. Wow, what a pretty dress! 


Hebrew translation: !אֵיזוֹ שִׂמְלָה יָפָה

Transliteration: ay-zo seem-lah yah-fah 

How it sounds: 


2. What a hot groom! 


Fun Fact: The term חָתִיךְ can mean hot or handsome.

Hebrew translation: !אֵיזֶה חָתָן חָתִיךְ

Transliteration: ay-zeh chah-tahn chah-teech

How it sounds: 


3. I drank too much!


Hebrew translation: שָׁתִיתִי יוֹתֵר מִדַּי

Transliteration: shah-tee-tee yo-ter mee-dai 

How it sounds: 


4. Who’s the designated driver? 


Hebrew translation: מִי נָהַג תּוֹרֵן

Transliteration: mee nah-hag toh-rahn?  

How it sounds: 


5. How much are we giving? 


Fun fact: In Israel, guests always give cash as a gift. There are even envelopes placed at the front of the venue, so people can place however much they decide to give inside. So, the big question is always, how much cash should you give?

Hebrew translation: ?כַּמָּה נוֹתְנִים

Transliteration: kah-mah note-neem? 

How it sounds: 


6. Are there any empty envelopes? 


Hebrew translation: ?יֵשׁ פֹּה מַעֲטָפוֹת רֵיקוֹת

Transliteration: yesh poh mah-ah-tah-fot reh-kot? 

How it sounds: 


7. It’s not a wedding without Middle Eastern music! 


Fun fact: Middle Eastern music (e.g. Omer Adam, Eyal Golan, Sarit Hadad) is one of the best parts of an Israeli wedding. Not familiar? We’re sure you’ve heard this this song.

Hebrew translation: !זֶה לֹא חֲתֻנָּה בְּלִי מוּזִיקָה מִזְרָחִית

Transliteration: zeh low chah-too-nah blee moo-zee-kah meez-rah-cheet! 

How it sounds: 


8. Which side are you from?  


Fun fact: This is what people ask in Hebrew when they want to know if you’re somehow related to the bride or groom.

Hebrew translation: ?מֵאֵיזֶה צַד אָתְּ/הַ

Transliteration: meh ay-zeh tzahd aht (f), meh ay-zeh tzahd ah-tah (m)

How it sounds: 





9. Is there a shuttle?


Fun fact: A lot of weddings will offer a private, complimentary shuttle bus from Tel Aviv to the venue, depending on how far it is outside the city.

Hebrew translation: ?יֵשׁ הַסָּעָה

Transliteration:  yesh hah-sah-ah? 

How it sounds: 



10. When’s the chupah


Fun fact: At a Jewish wedding, the bride and groom get married under the chupah, a canopy that sits atop four poles. It usually takes place right after cocktail hour.

Hebrew translation: ?מָתַי הַחֻפָּה

Transliteration: mah-tai hah-choo-pah? 

How it sounds: 


11. You’re next!  


Fun fact: This is what pretty much every nagging aunt or distant cousin says to let you know that you’re up next in the marriage line.

Hebrew translation: !בְּקֵרוּב אֶצְלְךָ (m) !בְּקֵרוּב אֶצְלֵךְ (f)

Transliteration: beh-kah-rove etz-lech (f) or beh-kah-rove etz-leh-chah (m)

How it sounds: