Project Description

1. אם כבר, אז כבר


Transliteration: eem c’var, ahz c’var

Meaning: If you’re already doing something, you might as well do it right … as in, “If we’re already on vacation, we might as well live it up!”


2. יש בזה משהו


Transliteration: yesh beh’zeh mah’shoo

Meaning: Directly translating to “there’s something in it,” use this saying when you want to tell someone there’s credence to what they’re saying, but you may not totally agree.

3. טעים רצח


Transliteration: tai’eem reh’tzahch

Meaning: Directly translating to “delicious murder,” this saying is used when you want to say something is super tasty.

4. יושבים לי על הראש


Transliteration: yosh’veem lee al hah’rosh

Meaning: Directly translating to “sitting on my head,” this saying is used to describe a situation in which someone is waiting for you to finish a task, and they keep asking you every few minutes, “Are you done? When will you finish?”

5. בטן גב


Transliteration: beh’ten gahv

Meaning: Directly translating to “stomach back,” this saying is used to describe a lazy day at home, or an extremely relaxing vacation, in which all you do is lay on your stomach and back.

6. לנקות את הראש


Transliteration: leh’nah’kote et hah’rosh

Meaning: This saying, which means “to clean the head,” is used to suggest something along the lines of “clearing my head” … as in, “I need a drink to clean my head.”

7. באימא שלי


Transliteration: beh’ee’mah sheh’lee

Meaning: Directly translating to “in my mother,” this saying is the equivalent of “I swear.”

8. יום עסל, יום בסל


Transliteration: yom ah’sal, yom bah’sal

Meaning: Directly translating to “honey day, onion day,” this saying takes words from Arabic (ah’sal and bah’sal mean honey and onion, respectively, in Arabic) and is used to convey the ups and downs of life … one good day, one not so good.

9. חי/חיה בסרט


Transliteration: chai (m) / chai’yah (f) beh’seret

Meaning: Directly translating to “you’re living in a movie,” this saying is used to tell someone they’re being unrealistic or nonsensical.

10. אני עף/עפה על זה


Transliteration: ah’nee ahf (m) / ahf’ah (f) al zeh

Meaning: Directly translating to “I’m flying on it,” this saying is used to suggest you’re really excited about something.