How to Be a Tel Avivian: An Unofficial Guide

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How to Be a Tel Avivian: An Unofficial Guide 2017-10-08T16:00:09+00:00

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Buy a second-hand bike that’s old enough to not get stolen, but new enough that it’s brakes are still intact.

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Set your watch 30 minutes early, so that you can also be late to all meetings and rendezvous.

Thinking about adopting a pet? Leave some cat food outside your door instead and adopt the first cat to take the bait.

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Insist you’re not a hipster.

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Always have a prepared salad, challah or bottle of wine on hand in case you get invited somewhere for Friday night dinner.

Sample all the local cafés, choose a favorite, then make it your home away from home.

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Then, sample all the local hummus joints, and claim you know where to find the best hummus in Tel Aviv.

Become friends with the ברמנים (bartenders) or owners at your favorite bar.

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Buy all your produce at the שוק (market) and insist on choosing your own container of cherries.

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Do everyday activities at the beach … because you can.

Buy a שש בש (backgammon) board and practice at home until you are good enough to play in the big leagues at HaMalabya or Tepale.

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Come to terms with the fact that everything tastes better inside a pita (including ice cream).

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Become one with the sunsets. They never get old.

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Most importantly: Be your weird, awesome, true self.

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