Project Description

Here’s how to sound like a real Israeli.

1. Yooo (יווו)

This sound is made out of surprise, shock, excitement, frustration or disappointment.

2. -oosh (וש-)

This sound is added to the end of a word make it sound cute (e.g. hi-oosh, bye-oosh). It can also be appended to someone’s name (e.g. Maya becomes May-oosh).

3. Tsk (ציקצוק)

This sound is made out of anger or frustration.

4. Why, why, why (וואי ,וואי ,וואי)

This sound is often made by someone who is impressed or overwhelmed.

5. Ooof (אוף)

This sound is usually made out of anger, frustration or disappointment.

6. Ema’le (אמא’לה)

This sound is made out of fear or surprise.

7. Eechs (איכס)

This sound is made out of disgust.

8. Pssshhh (פששש)

This sound is made when someone is impressed.

9. Nu (נו)

This sound is made out of frustration or impatience.