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From Alef to Tav, here’s your guide to Tel Aviv culture lifestyle.

1. א – אוֹפַנַּיִם

Photo by @elanbenor

Tel Aviv is a super bike-friendly city. You’ll notice designated bike lanes throughout Tel Aviv but you’ll still have to constantly watch your surroundings. You might just get hit by a biker anyway.

Direct translation: Bicycle

Transliteration: ohf-ah-naiy-eem

2. ב – בְּלַנְדְּסָטוֹן

Photo by @danahum92

Every Tel Avivian rocks these bad boys come winter time! They are the signature Tel Aviv winter -ime boot (and one of the 15 signs you’re becoming a real Israeli.)

Direct translation: Blundstone

Transliteration:  blahndt-stone

3. ג – גֵּיי

Tel Aviv is considered one of the most gay-friendly and proud cities in the Middle East!

Direct translation: Gay

Transliteration: gay

4. ד – דְּלִיפָה

We all know the status of the apartments here in the winter, which means we’ve all been trying to catch the leaks from the ceiling like a game of Whack-a-Mole. #TheStruggleIsrael

Direct translation: Leak

Transliteration: dlee-fah

5. ה – הַייטַקְ

They don’t call us Start-Up Nation for nothing. Tel Aviv is Israel’s high-tech and innovation hub; come experience it for yourself, here at MindSpace Tel Aviv.

Direct translation: High-Tech

Transliteration: hai-tech

6. ו – וַעַד בַּיִת

As if the rent prices in Tel Aviv aren’t high enough already, tack on another array of bills: electricity, water, arnona (property tax), and homeowner fees. Vaad Bayit pays to clean and maintain the building (not to say that either actually happens). Don’t forget to pay these on time!

Direct translation: Homeowner Fees

Transliteration: va-ad bai-yit

7. ז – זֻומְבָּה

We all like getting our move on, and Zumba is definitely a Tel Aviv favorite to breaking a sweat.

Direct translation: Zumba

Transliteration: zoom-bah

8. ח – חֲנָיָה

Photo by @elanbenor

Honestly, we all love Tel Aviv, except for the fact that 25 percent of our days are spent on finding parking. Remember: blue and white curbs only.

Direct translation: Parking

Transliteration: chah-nai-yah

9. ט – טַיֶּלֶת

Photo by @elanbenor

Our favorite place to walk/run/bike/watch the sunset/people watch.

Direct translation: Promenade

Transliteration: tai-yel-et

10. י – יְמָמָה

A typical 24 hours in Tel Aviv probably includes yoga at the beach, sitting at a cafe, lunch on Rothschild Boulevard, and drinks on Allenby.

Direct translation: A full day

Transliteration: yah-mah-mah

11. כ – כֻּלִּי עָלְמָא

Photo by @kulialma

If you’re looking for a fun night out, you can bet on the famous Kuli Alma to offer great drinks and dancing. Be sure to get there before midnight to skip the lines.

Direct translation: Kuli Alma

Transliteration: koo-lee ahl-mah

12. ל – לֵב הָעִיר

We think the biggest advantage to Tel Aviv being small in size and big in character is that everything is considered the center of town. I mean really… how long does it take to get from Park Hayarkon to Florentine?

Direct translation: Town center

Transliteration: lev hah-ear

13. מ – מֵדוּזוֹת

We’re all big fans of the beach in Tel Aviv until these unwanted guests come around for a few weeks every summer. Keep an eye out for the jellyfish swimming in the ocean, and be sure not to step on one washed up on shore!

Direct translation: Jellyfish

Transliteration: meh-dew-zot

14. נ – נָמָל

Photo by @elanbenor

Tel Aviv’s port is full of fun stuff for day and night time activities. During the day there are great shops and fun vibes for walking around, while at night the port turns into a bustling array of bars and night clubs.

Direct translation: Port

Transliteration: nah-mal

15. ס – סְטַרְטַאפּ

Photo by @waze

Tel Aviv is well known for its startup mentality and the thousands of tech companies across the city. One of our most famous exits was when Google bought Waze for almost 1 billion dollars.

Direct translation: Startup

Transliteration: start-up

16. ע – עִסְקִית

The raving Tel Avivian cuisine is prominent all over the city and there’s no better way to get to know a city than by tasting away. Most restaurants have a business menu where you can order an appetizer, main course, and side dish for a good price.

Direct translation: Business Menu

Transliteration: eess-keet

17. פ – פְּקָקִים

There’s no doubt that Tel Aviv has become a big city with lots of cars and terrible traffic. Luckily there are plenty of shared-transportation options (bikes, scooters, cars) to get around the city with ease.

Direct translation: Traffic

Transliteration: pkah-keem

18. צ – נְווֵה צֶדֶק

One of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods, Neve Tzedek has become a hub for fashion, food, and everything cool.

Direct translation: Neve Tzedek

Transliteration: neh-veh tzeh-dek

19. ק – קָקֵי שֶׁל כֶּלֶב

We’ve all experienced the all too unfortunate situation where one of our friends stepped on the land mines that litter the sidewalks of Tel Aviv. Steer clear!

Direct translation: Dog Poop

Transliteration: kah-kee shel keh-lev

20. ר – רַב קַו

Photo by @ravkavonline

The only way to pay for bus rides these days is by getting a reloadable card called Rav Kav. 

Direct translation: Bus Card

Transliteration: Rahv Kahv

20. ש –  שׁוּק

Photo by @elanbenor

One of our favorite ways of experiencing the Tel Aviv culture is by walking through the Carmel “open market.” The smells, sounds, and people are all too familiar to the Tel Aviv locals.

Direct translation: Market

Transliteration: shook

22. ת – תֶּדֶר

Located on Derech Jaffa Street, Teder is another local favorite for late night dancing, music, and good food.

Direct translation: Teder Club

Transliteration: Teh-der