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Ever hear an Israeli say something in Hebrew and think to yourself, “Wow, that sounds a lot like English…” Newsflash: It probably was English!

Here’s a list of words that are the same in English and Hebrew.

1.  Hand breaks 

Hebrew translation: אַמְּבְּרֵקְס

Transliteration: ahm-breks

How it sounds: 


2. Small, medium, large 

Fun fact: In Hebrew clothing sizes are exactly the same as in English, except said with an Israeli accent.

Hebrew translation: ‘סִמּוֹּלמֶדְיוּם , לְאַרְג

Transliteration: smoll, med-yoom, large  

How it sounds: 


3. Highlighter

Fun fact: Highlighters are simply called markers in Hebrew.

Hebrew translation: מַרְקֵר

Transliteration: mar-kehr 

How it sounds: 


4. T-shirt 

Hebrew translation: טֵי– שֶׁיָּרַט


How it sounds: 


5. Sweatshirt 

Hebrew translation:  סְוֶטְשֵׁירְט

Transliteration: swet-shert (but some Israelis just pronounce it swet-sher without any “t” sound at the end)

How it sounds: 


6. Jeans

Hebrew translation:  גִ’ינְס

Transliteration: jeans

How it sounds: 


7. Eyeliner

Hebrew translation:  אִיִּילַיְנֵר

Transliteration: eye-line-er 

How it sounds: 


8. Mascara 

Hebrew translation:  מַסְקֵרָה

Transliteration: mahs-ker-ah 

How it sounds: 


9. Sublet 

Hebrew translation:  סָבלֶט

Transliteration: sahb-let 

How it sounds: 


10. Homeless 

Fun fact: The plural for הוֹמְלֵס in Hebrew is pronounced “home-les-eem” הוֹמְלֵסים

Hebrew translation:  הוֹמְלֵס

Transliteration: home-les 

How it sounds: 


11. Hostel 

Hebrew translation:  הוֹסְטֶל

Transliteration: Hoh-stel 

How it sounds: 


12. Jacket 

Hebrew translation:  גֶּ’אקְט

Transliteration: jah-ket 

How it sounds: 


13. Email 

Hebrew translation:  אִי מֵיְל

Transliteration: ee-mail 

How it sounds:


14. Makeup 

Fun Fact: Makeup in Hebrew actually refers to foundation!

Hebrew translation:  מֻיֽקָּאפּ

Transliteration: mayk-ahp 

How it sounds:


15. Tea biscuit

Hebrew translation: בִּיסְקְוִיט

Transliteration: bees-kveet 

How it sounds:


16. Rare, medium-rare, well-done

Hebrew translation: רֵייר , מֶדְיוּם רֵייר, ווֹל דָּאָן

Transliteration: rer, med-yoom rer, well dahn 

How it sounds:


17. Humor 


Hebrew translation: הוּמוֹר

Transliteration: hoo-mor

How it sounds: 


18. Nostalgia 

Hebrew translation: נוֹסְטַלְגִּיָּה

Transliteration: no-stahl-gee-yah

How it sounds:


19. Cable 

Fun fact: Just like in English, the word cable refers to a type of cord or cable television.

Hebrew translation: כָּבֶל

Transliteration: kah-bell 

How it sounds: 


20. Blog

Hebrew translation: בְּלוֹג

Transliteration: blohg 

How it sounds: 


21. Online

Hebrew translation: אוֹנְלַייְן

Transliteration: ohn-line

How it sounds: