Project Description

These hilarious memes sum up the undeniable truth of what it means to live in Tel Aviv and Israel!


1. Tel Aviv and relationships


Keywords to know: זוּגִיּוּת (relationship)

Transliteration: zoo-gee-yoot 


2. Apartment hunting

Photo credit: @telavivmemes

Keywords to know: דִּירָה (apartment)

Transliteration:  deer-rah


3. The maze that is Dizengoff Center

Photo credit:@telavivmemes

Keywords to know: מָבוֹךְ (maze)

Transliteration: mah-vohch 


4. Outside the bubble

Photo credit:@telavivmemes

Keywords to know: מִדְבָּר (desert)

Transliteration: meed-bar


5. Work it out

Photo credit:@memesofjudaism 

Keywords to know: חֻפְשַׁת חַג (holiday break) 

Transliteration: choof-shaht chahg  


6. No words

Photo credit:@memesofjudaism 

Keywords to know: תִּסְפֹּרֶת (haircut), לָמָּה לֹא  (why not)

Transliteration: tees-por-ret (haircut), lah-mah loh (why not)


7. Israel at large

Photo credit: reddit

Keywords to know: מַפָּה (map)

Transliteration: mah-pah


8. Hummus for days

Photo credit: rebecca_barum

Keywords to know: רוּטִינָה (routine)

Transliteration: roo-tee-nah  


9. Secret Tel Aviv

Photo credit: Gil Cohen via Secret Tel Aviv 

Keywords to know: קְבוּצַת פֶיְסְבּוּק (Facebook group)

Transliteration: kvoo-tzaht facebook