Project Description

Ever hear an Israeli say something in Hebrew that sounds familiar, but can’t quite figure out why? After reading this post, you’ll know why.

1. To discuss


Hebrew translation: לְדַסְקֵס

Transliteration: leh-dahs-kes 

How it sounds: 


2. To synchronize


Hebrew translation: לְסַנְכְּרֵן

Transliteration: leh-sahn-chren 

How it sounds: 


3. To organize


Hebrew translation: לְאַרְגֵּן

How it sounds: leh-ar-gen


4. To unfriend on Facebook 


Hebrew translation: לְאֶנְפְרַנְד

How it sounds: le-ahn-frend 


5. To text (to SMS) 


Hebrew translation: לְסַמֵּס

How it sounds: leh-sah-mes


6. To Google


Hebrew translation: לַגִּגַּל

How it sounds: le-gah-gel


7. To filter

Hebrew translation:לְפַלְטֵר

How it sounds: leh-fal-ter


8. To fantasize


Hebrew translation: לְפַנְטֵז

How it sounds: leh-fahn-tez 


9. To flirt


Hebrew translation: לְפַלְרְטֵט

How it sounds: leh-flar-tet 


10. To format (on a computer)


Hebrew translation: לְפַרְמֵט

How it sounds: leh-far-met


11. To highlight (with a marker) 


Hebrew translation: לְמַרְקֵר

How it sounds: leh-mar-kehr


12. To refresh



Hebrew translation: לְרִפְרַשׁ

How it sounds: leh-ra-fresh


13. To maximize



Hebrew translation:לֵמָקְּסֶם

How it sounds: leh-mahks-em