Top 5 Part-Time Jobs for Tel Avivians

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Whether you’re still on the hunt for your full-time dream job, or you just don’t have the time to work long hours, having a soul-satisfying part-time job can be the best thing we can do for ourselves. Get a bit of cash, integrate into Tel Aviv culture, and meet cool people. Win, win, win!

Lucky for us in Tel Aviv, we live in one of the most diverse and liberal cities in the world, giving you an incredible range of interesting job options.

1. Dog Walking           


You’ve seen it before, someone walking down Rothschild or Ben Yehuda Street walking 10 dogs at the same time. While walking a plus-size pack of dogs might be a dun Tel Avivian way to make lots of money, you can also cash in and enjoy by walking only a few.

There are Tel Aviv dog walking Facebooks groups that can get you connected, or if you are feeling the “chootzpah”, ask for the number of a dog walker you see on the street. Whats app him that you are available as his back up and voila! Puppy therapy + friend + cash!


2. Teaching English

This job is particularly for our English speaking Tel Avivians! While you can do any of the jobs on this list, if you’re a native English speaker, you have an extra advantage in Tel Aviv. As an “expert” in speaking the language, one of the best things you can do is to help kids practice! Don’t worry, many “gans” (kindergartens) also take uncertified teachers! Some parents even prefer that speaking is your only focus.
You can also combine teaching English with an offer to nanny, making you an extra desirable candidate, and you benefit by becoming part of a new family. Connect with local schools and Facebook groups, and don’t be afraid to let your Israeli friends know that you are interested in doing this!

3. Bartending in Tel Aviv 


Tel Aviv is a hub of hipster coffee shops and artisan drink bars. From sparkling drinks filled with a bouquet of fruits and plants, to exclusive themed bars, to coffee shops with local art and turmeric lattes, to board-game cafés full of all things geeky, you’re guaranteed to find a bar or café that speaks to your taste (and your language) where you would love to spend your time working and meeting the coolest people.

4. Freelancing Tel Avivian Style


There is a wide variety of hourly gigs always on demand, enabling you to take on the Tel Avivian vibe, working from cafés all around town with your laptop. From a part-time graphic designer, copywriter, or translator, you can take your work with you to a new Tel Avivian adventure every day.

5. Be an Extra in a Local Production


If you’re looking for a unique Tel Avivian work experience (and are not too concerned about the salary), getting an agent in Tel Aviv is certain to gain you just that. Look for someone that will hire you for free and take a commission for each gig they get you. They will take your headshots, write any special skills you have like dancing, playing music, or speaking a foreign language, and then they will send you options for gigs as they come up.Try this option is you’re interested in getting a taste of the Tel Aviv’s local entertainment scene! 



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