Project Description

1. The Hipster 


Tel Aviv is filled to the brim with hipsters. You’ll find them all over Florentine, waiting your table at Port Said, or just hanging around the city. You can spot them from a mile away because they’re usually wearing very 80’s-like tough denim and a pair of glasses they definitely don’t need.


2. The Cross-Fit Junkie


You see them at the gym on Gordon beach drilling their work out groups like military sergeants. They’re buff and they are proud! The cross-fit lover is obsessed with fitness and health. Sometimes it feels like it’s literally the only thing they can talk about.

3. The World-Traveler 

Know that person that’s constantly reminiscing about their trip to India? Their year in the states? Their hike through some weird mountain in South America? These Tel Avivians love traveling, and they love to tell you all about their time abroad.

4. The Oleh/Olah

photo credit: SYLVIE ROSOKOFF

These are the Tel Avivians that came to Israel on Taglit or Masa and loved it so much, they became citizens and never left.

5. The Digital Nomad 

Digital nomads make money no matter where they are in the world. In Tel Aviv they’re enjoying all the cafés, park benches, and restaurants in the city and always have their laptop with them.

6. The Electric Scooter Rider 

In this new wave of electric transportation, the electric scooter rider was born. You see them whizzing through narrow streets and in between cars and think to yourself, how are they still alive? They look so cool, but watch out- they are dangerous.

7. The Networker

We all have that friend in Tel Aviv that insists on attending every happy hour, meet and greet, mingle, or social event to make new connections for work. Some Tel Avivians really just love organized events.

8. The Café Junkie 

The avid café goer is a huge part of Tel-Aviv culture. These Tel Avivians can sit in a café all day long sipping a coffee with a friend or alone for hours on end. Plus, in the summer its way cheaper to sit at a café with a cup of coffee then inside your air conditioned apartment adding to your electricity bill.

9. The Tinder Connoisseur

We all have a friend that’s a serial swiper. Online dating is all the craze in Tel Aviv, and tons of locals are swiping left and right on tinder looking for love (well, sort of).

10. The Vegan 

If you’ve been lectured by a vegan friend on the benefits of eating vegan countless times, you are not alone. Tel Aviv is one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, so you’ll meet tons of Tel Avivians that are passionate about eating a cruelty-free diet.