Project Description

Citizen Talks are back! We’re hosting a night of inspiring talks with guest speakers from our OOlpan. We’ll talk about being a global citizen and how to make the most of life in Tel-Aviv.

When: Tuesday, May 15 at 7:30 PM – 10:30 PM
Where: Polly פולי Sderot Rothschild 60, Tel Aviv, Israel


Come hang out, bring your friends, and grab a drink 🙂

In the meantime, meet our 4 guest speakers:


Regina LionHeart

Regina is a 24-year-old transplant to Tel Aviv by way of Seattle and Chicago. She works in oceanography and has two goals. One) to solve problems relating to plastics and currents in the Mediterranean Sea, and 2) figuring out why a group of squid is not called a squad.

Alex Geller

Alex is from New Jersey and sees his move to Israel as a clear step up. He is working in high tech, just like everyone else and claims to be ironically shy. Alex is the definition of a global citizen if not based only on his love for fine dining and fusion restaurants.

Gregg Hoffman

Gregg Hoffman is originally from the USA. After 2 years living in London, England and traveling the globe more than a few times, he moved to Tel Aviv in 2014. You can find him trying out new coffee shops and enjoying our perfect Mediterranean sunsets.

Grant Hunter

Grant is a U.S. consular officer based in Tel Aviv. His undergraduate and graduate background is in Middle Eastern Studies. In addition to his native English, Grant is a fluent speaker of Hebrew and Spanish, and he studied Modern Standard Arabic for 4 years at the university level.