10 Apps That Will Change your Life in Tel-Aviv

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. Colu

Colu is a digital wallet that supports buying local. When you download Colu you’ll have an easy and convenient way to pay instantly from your phone while empowering local businesses in your city. Almost all local cafes, restaurants, and small businesses have a Colu sticker on their door and the coolest part is you get free money- 10% added to your wallet on top of every charge you make!

2. EasyDizi

Have you ever gotten lost in Dizingoff Center? Us too. EasyDizi helps you navigate the maze that is Dizingoff Center by finding the exact store you need without going around in circles.

3. Milkman

You can order and get fresh bread, milk, and juice delivered straight to your door. The Milk-man app shows all the best bakeries in the city and also has an option to use the app in English.

4. Gett Delivery & Gett Post

Through the Gett Taxi app you have you have the option to get any delivery from any where in Tel-Aviv (literally anything.) Gett Post allows you to have your package delivered directly to your door instead of going to the post office to pick it up.

5. Cool Cousin

Cool Cousin describes itself as “the easiest and funnest way to find unique places you’ll love in cities around the world.” The app is pretty easy– you can connect with locals who share your interests (hence the term “cousins”) and you get a map of their favorite places in the city as well as insider tips on where to go and what to do.

6. Raxi

Raxi is awesome because its a brand new app, so getting a cab is much easier and faster in Tel-Aviv compared to other taxi apps.

7. Splitwise

If you have roomates, Splitwise is a godsend. Splitwise is the best way to keep track of bills and IOUs and make sure that everyone gets paid back. Its extremely easy to use and calculates exactly who owes who what, so you never have to worry about splitting the bill evenly again.

8. Moovit

Moovit is a must have if you live in Tel-Aviv. The app gives you all the best transit options including the train, bus, car, walking, or even bike routes! It’s super useful because it give you directions with real time arrival updates, alerts, live directions, and live transit maps. It’s really an essential to have in this city if you want to be on time, or simply don’t want to get lost trying to follow directions.

9. 10bis

Even if you don’t get 10bis through your job, the 10bis app allows you to find great places to order food in your area. You can get up to 25% off any order when you order food through the app.

10. Time Out

Think of Time Out as your own personal travel guide. With the Time Out app, you can discover new and cool places to eat and drink and go in Tel-Aviv. Time Out has an extensive list of great restaurants, cool bars, and awesome things to do over the weekend. It also has theater and event tickets, exclusive offers and tables at restaurants all bookable through the app.

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