10 Things You’ll Always Hear During The Summer in Tel-Aviv

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. !איזה חום

Transliteration: Eizeh chom!

Definition: It’s so hot!

Tel-Aviv is insanely hot so get ready to hear this complaint 24/7.

2. ?אז לאן אתם טסים

Transliteration: Az, le’ahn atem ta’seem?

Definition: So, where are you flying?

This is important to know considering everyone around you will be going on vacation during the summer.

3. ?מכיר מדביר טוב

Transliteration: Ma’keer mahd’beer tov?

Definition: Do you know a good exterminator?

It’s an unfortunate truth that your apartment in Tel-Aviv will probably have cockroaches (commonly known as “jook-im.)

4. אני מזיע

Transliteration: Ani Meh’zee’ah

Definition: I’m sweating

Come July/August, we are all sweating.

5. ארטיק! ארטיק!

Transliteration: Ar’teek! Ar’teek!

Definition: Popsicle

Everyone in Tel-Aviv knows the man that walks around the beach yelling “ar’teek! ar’teek!” He is truly an Israeli icon.

6. ? עוד חתונה

Transliteration: Ohd Cha’too’nah??

Definition: Another wedding?

The summer in Israel is full blown wedding season so brace yourselves!


Definition: I got burned

Do not make the rookie mistake of forgetting sunscreen during the summer in Tel-Aviv, or you WILL get burned.

8. כפכפים

Transliteration: Kaf’Kafeem

Definition: Flip-Flops

Enough said.

9. קפוא פה!

Transliteration: Ka’foo Poh!

Definition: It’s freezing in here!

If you work in an office you’re going to hear this a lot. The AC is always on full blast so be prepared.

10. ??? שלושים שקל לבירה

Transliteration: Shlo’sheem Shekel Le’bee’rah??

Definition: 30 Shekel for beer??

If you’re looking to grab a beer on the beach expect to hear this!

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