13 Struggles Every Tel Avivian Faces During the Summer

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Can it get any hotter?!

As we say in Hebrew: איזה חום

The heat and humidity got us thinking about the “struggles” every Tel Avivian faces during the summer. Can you relate?

  1. The air conditioner fails miserably mid-August, after working fine all (one month of) winter.
  2. You suddenly become in debt from Anita’s ice cream and Tamara’s frozen yogurt.
  3. Multiple tan lines … well, multiple burn lines, but one can dream.
  4. You develop a serious iced coffee addiction that you don’t want to admit.
  5. Every 2-minute bike ride requires a 10-minute shower – a steady 1-to-3 ratio.
  6. Yet it only takes seconds after stepping out of the shower for those beads of water to transform into beads of sweat.
  7. Jellyfish – despite their electric nature, they have feelings too, you know.
  8. The Mediterranean Sea feels like submerging into a boiling hot tub after an intense workout – there’s nothing refreshing about it.
  9. Walking hand-in-hand on a date loses its romantic value due to inevitable clammy hand syndrome.
  10. Body odor – especially on an overcrowded bus. Enough said.
  11. There’s nothing like a crisp beer on the beach … until the beer/sun combination knocks you out.
  12. It becomes extra difficult to break the Taglit bubbles that flood any area in Tel Aviv which claims significance.
  13. You have to spend months upon months in beautiful, cloudless weather while the rest of the world benefits from unpredictable rain and grey skies.
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