15 Signs You’re Becoming a Real Israeli

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

How many of these can you relate to?

  1. You push and shove to get on a bus — seconds prior to the doors opening.
  2. You call AM:PM ampam.
  3. You own at least one pair of Blundstone, Teva or Shoresh.
  4. You know how to use the word דווקא properly in a sentence.
  5. You start wishing people שבת שלום on Wednesday.
  6. You own a grocery cart for the שוק (market).
  7. You’ve started an art project with your אגורות.
  8. You use the hand signal for רגע with complete strangers.
  9. You dress nicer to go to a bar than to a wedding.
  10. “Meeting the parents” over Shabbat dinner on a second or third date is totally normal.
  11. A צ׳ייסר is an acceptable amount of liquor.
  12. You have a “the first time I tried Tubi” story.
  13. You find yourself telling taxi drivers your life story 10 seconds after you get into the car.
  14. You tell your barber you’re looking for a date because you know he’ll have someone for you.
  15. You curse the תגלית (Birthright) kids even though you were once one of them.
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