5 Ways to Make Tel Aviv Your Own

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Shoshana Rosen
Shoshana Rosen

This is a guest post written by Shoshana Rosen.

1. Find your hidden treasure.

You’ve officially known a city when you find a secret space that is just yours. Cities are full of hidden gems: small alleyways, that perfect bench, that tree that was made just for you. Here’s a pro tip for finding your spot: Try taking a slightly different route home. Even going one street to your right or left can help you discover new treasures. And once you find it, bask in the glory of your new space! (Optional: Stick a flag into the ground to claim your land.)

2. You do you.

The best compliment I ever got was from a good friend: “With each year, you become more and more Shosh.” With each year I get older, I shed the bullshit and just get closer to the best version of myself. I’ve definitely not traveled in a straight line to get here, but by listening to my kishkes (guts), it’s led me to some pretty amazing places . So DO YOU. Find that thing that lights a spark inside of you (even if it makes no sense at first) and then … do it.

3. Find your people/person.

Friend dating can be hard. Romantic dating is even harder. And apartment dating is the worst. But, once you find what you’re looking for, it’s all worth it. Find friends in creative ways. Don’t be afraid to be bold. I once went to an עולים (new immigrants) job training meeting. I walked in, observed the people in the room, and decided to sit next to a girl who looked cool and nice. Now, that girl is one of my closest friends.

4. Learn a new skill.

I am a huge fan of expanding who you are. Tel Aviv luckily isn’t that small of a city. There are plenty of people, classes, experiences and opportunities to learn something new. For example: Join our DIY TLV workshops and learn to make that perfect Pinterest/Etsy inspired craft you have been drooling over. (Plus, meet great people — see number 3.)

5. “I have a guy (or gal) for that.”

The most critical: You should always have a bartender, a barista, a café, מכולת (a corner grocery store) and a yummy restaurant. Once you got those down pat, time to move to your hardware gal, plant guy, lighting, books, flowers, etc. One of my favorite parts of Tel Aviv are those old family-run stores that have been around forever. Try to shop at those stores as much as you can. You’ll get great prices, new friends, help a small family run their business, and have a fabulous unique object to brag to your friends about.

Shoshana Rosen, born and raised in New York, has made Tel Aviv her home with her wonderful husband Yair. She started her own business, DIY TLV: arts + craft workshops that combine her love of crafts, wine, snacks, good music and wonderful people.

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