7 best ways to learn Hebrew

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7 best ways to learn Hebrew

The Hebrew language is one of the most ancient and beautiful languages in the world, and could be really easy to learn if done correctly! We’ve gathered some helpful tips that will help you start getting to know the Hebrew language a little better and faster, and the best thing is that you can decide which one of those is the best way for you to learn and use it however and whenever you want!

  1. Watch TV and Movies in Hebrew

    Oldie but goldie. A lot of people use the television and media to learn new languages for like forever now. It’s been proven as a fun and efficient way to learn as you can watch all of your favorite content with Hebrew dub, and enjoy it while learning new words! If you’re into discovering some new content, Israelis have a bunch of quality TV that you could also watch to learn Hebrew. Just don’t forget to memorize some words while you are getting addicted to ‘Fauda’, Ok?

  2. Read Hebrew online

    That is a really great idea for those who know the Hebrew alphabet. The Hebrew letters are different from what we all know from the English or the European languages, so you can’t really start reading without being familiar with those weird shapes that the Israeli people call “letters”. But once you will get the hang of it, reading can be a really good way for you to discover new words and phrases to add to your Hebrew vocabulary, even if you start with something easy like kids books- you can still benefit a lot from reading Hebrew online, or even from books if it’s more comfortable for you. We won’t judge!

  3. Ulpan Ivrit

    It’s okay, It’s not a stroke, I said what I said! Ulpan Ivrit it’s a concept that not many are familiar with. It actually means ‘Hebrew Studio’ and it’s being offered to people who are about to do ‘Aliyah’ (moving to Israel permanently), to help them settle better and faster in Israel. The classes in the Ulpan Ivrit will contain lessons about the Hebrew alphabet and basic reading and writing. It’s a great way to begin and learn Hebrew from, even if it is “basic”. So if you’re about to do an ‘Aliyah’, don’t hesitate to use this tool!

  4. Hebrew course

    If you are not planning an ‘Aliyah’ soon, or you just want to learn Hebrew in a little more professional way than the Ulpan Ivrit (or you just want to learn Hebrew for fun!), you should take a Hebrew course. The professional courses are a little more comprehensive, and will also teach you important slang and phrases you should know if you want to have a flowing conversation with an Israeli person. You can find online Hebrew classes and enjoy the course with people from around the world who fell in love with the Hebrew language as much as you!

  5. Practice speaking

    This is actually the scariest part. Speaking a new language that we are not really sure of, and taking the obvious chance of mistaking and saying something incorrectly and looking like a fool – that’s hella scary. But it’s also one of the best ways to practice and learn. Start by learning how to order your coffee, then expand your speech by having a little small-talk with the barista, and slowly you will feel confident enough to have a whole conversation! And remember, even if you made a mistake, it doesn’t. make you a fool, it’s just another opportunity to learn and get better. Nobody cares, trust me.

  6. Listen to some radio and music

    Just like with TV, sometimes listening to people speak could be way easier than trying to memorize words like a parrot. The thing about music is that you can hear the same song again and again (because we are humans and that’s what we are doing with songs that we like), until you memorize all the words and can easily translate them in your head. The radio is a good way to learn ways of speech, some slang and listening to flowing conversations and learning how to keep up with them.

  7. Don’t give up!

    That’s probably the most important one. Yes, learning a new language can be hard. Learning any new skill is hard! Just imagine how proud you’ll be of yourself in the end when you could confidently say out loud “yeah, I know how to speak Hebrew!”. In the end, the persistent are achievers, and you are no different. Now the only thing left is for you to choose what is the best way to learn Hebrew, and just go for it. We believe in you!

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