7 Goals Every Non-Native Hebrew Speaker Should Have

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

We all have life goals, but what about Hebrew goals? Here are a handful to start with:

1. Because, who doesn’t want to eat and feel like a local?

Keywords: לְהַזמִין

Translation: to order

Transliteration: leh-hahz-meen

2. Because Tel Aviv’s graffiti is some of the best around the world.

Keywords: אוּמָנוּת רְחוֹב

Translation: street art

Transliteration: oh-mah-noot reh-chohv

3. Because, who wants to be a freier?

Keywords: מָכִיר

Translation: price

Transliteration: mah-cheer

4. Because there’s nothing like dancing into the night with hundreds of intoxicated Israelis.

Keywords: לָשִׁיר, חֲתוּנָה

Translation: to sing, wedding

Transliteration: lah-sheer, chah-too-nah

5. Because making your boss laugh is never a bad thing.

Keywords: יְשִׁיבַת צֶוֶות

Translation: staff meeting

Transliteration: yeh-shee-vaht tzeh-vet

6. Because, who wants to read subtitles after a long day at work?

Keywords: כְּתוּבִיּוֹת

Translation: subtitles

Transliteration: c’too-vee-yoht

7. Because locals always get the cream of the crop.

Keywords: לְמָקְּסֶם

Translation: to maximize

Transliteration: leh-mahk-sem

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