7 Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Tel-Aviv Apartment Feel Like Home

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YGNG Interior Design Studio
YGNG Interior Design Studio

If you’re new to Tel-Aviv, YGNG Interior Design Studio has written us an awesome guide featuring seven locations around the city that sell funky furnishings so you can decorate your Tel-Aviv apartment affordably.

1. Jaffa Flea Market

This is where you’ll find antiques, bric-a-bracs, and lots of small shops carrying special items that can help you personalize your home.

Olei Zion St, Tel Aviv-Yafo

2. Yosef Bahazer (Joseph in the Yard)

This busy little shop sells furniture, lighting, household items, and ornaments at super-affordable prices. If you’re looking for cool contemporary design options, Joseph in the Yard always follows the latest design trends.

Inside the market at Beit Eshel 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo

3. Pick Up

Here you’ll find any type of chair imaginable (but prices vary.) They’ve also recently added other furniture including tables, sofas, outdoor furniture, and more.

Kibbutz Galuyot 32, Tel Aviv-Yafo

4. Penthouse Basic

Penthouse imports top brands from around the world. They’ve recently opened a subsidiary called Penthouse Basic, which caters to a more modest price range. Their products are all customizable by size, color, fabric, and sometimes even building material.

HaPelech St. 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo

5. Rezort

The perfect shop for those who prefer a cool Bohemian twist to their home’s design. The new store is located in a beautiful spot in old Jaffa. Rezort’s furniture and accessories are breathtaking: you can browse through a catalog or check it out in person.

Louis Pasteur 4, Tel aviv

6. Gloria Mundi

The place to shop for urban chic, eclectic design, or avant -garde accessories. From furniture to household items, their items are sophisticated yet simple, environmentally friendly yet luxurious.

Ahuzat Bait 1, Tel Aviv-Yafo

7. Mahsanei Hanamal (Port Warehouse)

A store for very affordable couches and sofas. You can choose the fabric and size for most furniture, and even modify the design in some cases.


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