7 Tel Avivians You Have to Follow on Instagram

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Zoë Biehl
Zoë Biehl

Tel Aviv is a bustling city that’s constantly changing and transforming. With colorful street art galore, restaurants and cafes featuring picture-worthy meals—and don’t forget the beach sunsets—Tel Aviv is the ideal city for taking stunning photos. It’s no surprise that Instagram is jam packed with stunning photos of this beloved city. Here is a list of Tel Aviv-based Instagrammers you should be following to get inspired by.

1. @this.is.tel.aviv

Evyatar Dayan is a Tel Avivian street photographer with a keen eye for highlighting the contrasts and complexities of this crazy city. Some are humorous while others are shocking. Definitely worth following to see all the sides of Tel Aviv, both good and bad.

2. @humansoftelaviv

Just like the wildly popular Humans of New York, there is also a Humans of Tel Aviv. Each post provides a little snapshot into the life of a Tel Avivian. The portraits are stunning, but it’s the unique stories each individual tells that are really interesting.

3. @florentin.of.the.day

Daily snapshots of everyone’s favorite hip, artsy neighborhood in Tel Aviv. Mainly comprised of gritty photos of Florentin street art, plus shots of colorful Shuk Levinsky.

4. @telaveat

Tel Aviv is jam packed with restaurants, and new ones continue to pop up every day. Follow Tel Aveat for endless food porn of the White City’s best restaurants. Be prepared to get very hungry.

5. @roco_runs

Roco Runs provides a healthy dose of workout inspiration for Tel Avivians that need some motivation to get outside and take advantage of all the free ways we can exercise in this city. Running, swimming, surfing, yoga on the beach or in the parks—this account will help get you into action!

6. @eyaltomato

Israel’s most famous chef, owner of some of Tel Aviv’s most popular restaurants such as Miznon, Port Sa’id, and Romano. Mostly artsy images of food, with his signature poetic and strange musings to accompany them (in Hebrew).

7. @sashkaro

Alexander Sasha Rozenson is a fearless photographer that climbs to dizzying heights to get some seriously impressive shots of Tel Aviv’s cityscape. He offers a unique and rare perspective of what Tel Aviv looks like from way up high, and it’s beautiful.


Zoë Biehl is a full-time freelance writer and editor with an insatiable passion for travel. Originally from New York, she now happily calls Tel Aviv home.

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