7 Unexpected Benefits to Attending Citizen Café

2 min read
Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. Meeting your future life partner

Who needs Tinder, Jswipe or OkCupid when you could meet the man or woman of your dreams while learning the most relevant, useful, street-smart Hebrew?!

2. Acquiring your next apartment … broker-free!

We encourage everyone to share minute-and-a-half story in every session of every class — maybe you went for a bike ride, maybe you drove up north, or maybe you searched hopelessly for a new apartment as your lease is up next month. “Really?” your classmate seated beside you asks. “I’m looking for someone to take over my lease.” And just like that, you’ve acquired a brand new apartment, broker-free. Sold!

3. A quality journal

Each of our students gets a brand spankin’ new journal on the first day of class. Use it wisely, fill it up with Hebrew words, and romantic thoughts about that future life partner batting their eyes at you from across the table.

4. A crash course in the art of the Whatsapp

There’s no denying that the alternative “text” messaging system (AKA loud voice messages in the middle of a crowded bus) is an Israeli fan favorite. We open up an active Whatsapp group for each of our classes, so students can talk to one another, write down Hebrew lingo they heard and spoke around Tel Aviv, and listen to Hebrew audio clips. After all, the goal is to walk and talk like a local, right?

5. Making new friends who get your trivial complaints about life in Israel

Eeeeecccchhhhh, the מזגן (air conditioner) water dripped on my head again yesterday … gross. I had to walk through the שוק (market) after dark … so many fish guts. Why isn’t there any personal space here?! … All of these and more, anytime, anyplace.

6. Coffee and tea and soda, oh my!

While the free refreshments are not an end-all- be-all when it comes to our perks, any caffeine boost after a 10-hour day to get you through to bedtime is a positive. Bring it on, caffeine addiction.

7. Mindspace (pictured above)

Enough said.

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