All the Hebrew You Need to Watch Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Eurovision 2019 is nothing short of the event of the year in Tel Aviv. Here’s a list of Hebrew words that will have you feeling and sounding like a local!

1. I’m not your toy.

Thanks to Netta Barzilai’s victory last year with her song “Toy,” Tel Aviv is hosting the 2019 Eurovision!

Keywords: שִׁיר

Translation: song

Transliteration: sheer

2. Front and center

The Eurovision stage is located at Park HaYarkon.

Keywords: בַּמָּה, הוֹפָעָה

Translation: stage, concert

Transliteration: bah-mah, hoh-fah-ah

Insider Tip: לְהוֹפִיעַ (the verb of הוֹפָעָה) means both “to perform” and “to appear/show up.”

3. I love your outfit!

Aside from the amazing songs, Eurovision is a place for countries to show off their fashion.

Keywords: תִּלְבֹּושֶׁת, אוֹפְנָּהּ

Translation: outfit, fashion

Transliteration: teel-boh-shet, ohf-nah

Insider Tip: Fashion comes from the same root as the word “bicycle” – אוֹפַנַיִם (oh-fah-nai-eem), from the root א-פ-נ – because they both have cycles!

4. Shabbat shalom!

Nothing says Israeli hospitality like a Friday evening dinner.

Keywords: אֲרוּחַת שִׁשִּׁי, לְאָרֵחַ

Translation: Friday dinner, to host

Transliteration: ar-oo-chaht shee-shee, leh-ah-rey-ahch

Insider Tip: Both the word “dinner” and “to host” come from the same root: א-ר-ח

5. Why all the traffic?

Want some help getting around the traffic? Try taking a scooter, or in Hebrew, קוֹרְקִינֵט (kor-kee-net).

Keywords: פְּקָק

Translation: traffic jam

Transliteration: p’kahk

Insider Tip: The word for traffic jam and wine cork are the same in Hebrew, because a wine cork is jammed into the neck of a bottle.

6. Paparazzi everywhere

Funny enough, this year’s Eurovision sponsor – MyHeritage – turned the “red carpet” orange to match their brand’s color.

Keywords: שָׁטִיחַ אָדֹום, מַצְלֵמָה

Translation: red carpet, camera

Transliteration: shah-tee-ahch ah-dohm, matz-leh-mah

7. Who’s going to win?

Will Israel repeat two years in a row?

Keywords: לִזְכּוֹת, תַּחֲרוּת

Translation: to win, competition

Transliteration: leez-koht, tah-chah-root

Insider Tip: Don’t confuse the word לְנַצֵחַ (leh-nah-tzey-ahch – to win a game) with לִזְכּוֹת (to win a competition or award).

8. Watch the final round May 18th, at 21:00 IST.

Only 20 will make it to the final. Who will win?

Keywords: שִׁידּוּר חַי, גְּמָר

Translation: live broadcast, final round

Transliteration: shee-door, g’mar

9. Represent your country!

41 countries are participating in this year’s contest, but who’s counting?

Keywords: לְיַצֵּג, אֶרֶץ

Translation: to represent, country

Transliteration: leh-yah-tzeg, meh-dee-nah

Insider Tip: The words for “to represent” and “to display” – לְהַצִּיג (leh-hah-tzeeg) – both come from the same root: י-צ-ג

10. Tourists, everywhere!

Tel Aviv has seen about 10,000 tourists arrive for the Eurovision week.

Keywords: תַּיָּר (m) / תַּיֶּרֶת (f)

Translation: tourist

Transliteration: tah-yar (m) / tah-yer-et (f)

11. Duz Puah!

The result of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest will be decided for 50 percent by the public, and for 50 percent by a group of music industry professionals.

Keywords: שׁוֹפֵט (m) / שׁוֹפֶטֶת (f)

Translation: judge

Transliteration: shoh-fet (m) / shoh-fet-et (f)

Insider Tip: The words for “to judge” (לִשְׁפּוֹט – leesh-poht) and “sentence” (מִשׁפָּט – meesh-paht) both come from the same root: ש-פ-ט.

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