Clash of the patterns in Hebrew

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Daniella Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew Teacher
Daniella Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew Teacher

Patterns! They surround us; in stores, menus, clothes, and basically everywhere. Whether it’s the holiday season or autumn’s changing colors, learning how to say ‘sparkle’ in Hebrew is always a good idea. Let’s explore some fun Hebrew patterns we’ve gathered for you!

משובץ (meh-shoo-bahts): checkered, plaid. It comes from משבצת (meesh-beh-tseht) – a feminine noun that means square, checker, and also – slot.

מנומר (meh-noo-mahr): leopard print – what an all-time favorite! From the days of Wilma Flinstone to filling the shelves of every clothing store – adding a leopard touch to your look will always give you a sophisticated edge. The adjective comes from the word נמר (nah-mehr) which means ‘tiger’.

מפוספס (meh-foos-pahs): striped. Comes from the noun stripe פס (pahs). Usually, Israelis will simply say “I bought a shirt with stripes פסים (pah-seem)“, and not use it as an adjective (which makes it sound more formal).

מנוקד (meh-noo-kahd): spotted, dotted. Comes from the noun נקודה (neh-koo-dah). The second meaning for this adjective is – vowelized!

מנצנץ (meh-nahts-nehts): sparkly, glittery. It comes from the word ניצוץ (nee-tsohts) – a sparkle. You’re going to want glittery items this holiday season, believe me.

פרחוני (peer-choh-nee): floral. It comes from the word flower פרח (peh-rahch), and can be used for any kind of flowery print!
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