Do’s and Don’ts of Summer in Tel-Aviv

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Tel-Aviv is by far one of the BEST travel destinations in the summer. Whether you live here or are just visiting for a short but sweet time, here’s a list of do’s and don’ts that will help you better navigate your summer in Tel-Aviv.

Do: Go to the beach right before the sunset.

It’s not too hot and the sunset is absolutely beautiful. You can stay, cool down a bit, and enjoy the view.

Don’t: Walk around the city without shirt or shoes

If your toes are not in the sand, put your shirt and shoes on.

Do: Drink Cocktails

Happy hours in Tel-Aviv during summer are filled with refreshing cocktails that are half the price. Take advantage!

Don’t: Buy food or drinks on the beach

Food and drinks at the beach are extra pricey. Buy your snacks and drinks on the way to the beach to avoid spending way more money then you need to.

Do: Go to Cofix for iced drinks

Whether you want juice, iced coffee, or soda, Cofix’s drinks are all 5 shekel so it’s the perfect place to quench your thirst for cheap.

Don’t: Go to Cofix for food

You get what you pay for.

Do: Sublet your apartment

In Tel-Aviv during summer Hotels are booked to full capacity. If you plan on going away at any point during the summer and you have an apartment in Tel-Aviv, make sure to sublet it. It’s a great way to pay your rent when you’re not there and earn some extra cash.

Don’t: Get caught by your landlord

Depending on your apartment contract, of course.

Do: Work out outside at night

There are tons of outdoor workout groups and free gyms in the city to take advantage of, and at night it won’t be excruciatingly hot.

Don’t: Don’t run during the day

Let’s be honest…its hot AF

Do: Bring a sweatshirt at all times.

The AC is blasting in pretty much all large indoor places, ESPECIALLY if you work in an office. Don’t make the rookie mistake of not having a sweatshirt on you!

Don’t: Bother checking the weather.

Its going to be hot. Period.

Do: Wear deodorant

PSA! It’s excruciatingly hot outside, and whether you’re aware of it or not you’re going to sweat. Please do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and wear deodorant in these hot summer months.

Don’t: Ever forget it

We think we’ve made ourselves clear.

Do: Close your windows at night

It’s bug season, and every tiny creature with wings will make your home their home. Protect yourself and others by closing your doors.

Don’t: Forget to buy Raid, k300, or whatever you like to call it

Its an unfortunate and tough reality, but roaches will find their way into your home. Always be prepared with roach spray to kill those bad boys on site.

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