Double-Tap: These Instagram Accounts Will Instantly Improve Your Hebrew

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

Upgrade your Instagram feed and improve your Hebrew by following these accounts.

Be sure to follow Citizen Café Tel Aviv on Instagram as well if you’re not already doing so!

1. Hebrew Language Academy

Every photo has a captivating story, whether it’s about how commonly mistaken words became adopted, or interesting stories behind how a word came to life. Also, their graphics are adorable.

2. Mismas

Each phrase is either a witty word game, a play-off of a popular saying, or just some cute and clever Hebrew. Regardless, his quotes make us smile.

3. Hebrew Lesson

Their relevant words are laid out with easy-to-read transliterations, good graphics, and aesthetic looks.

4. Daniel Ganor

Daniel’s witty word games and colorful posts have made us addicted to his daily posts!

5. Advanced Hebrew

Their Hebrew words are challenging and relevant to daily life.

6. Kirot.Me

There’s nothing better than learning Hebrew “on the street.”

7. My Hebrew Learning

Beginner level words to help you get started in Hebrew.

8. Hila Sheleg

With creative Hebrew street art around Tel Aviv, using word games to spark a positive thought, Hila is a musician and self-described “expert textologist.”

9. Milodify

An Instagram dictionary of witty, cynical, and all-too-true Hebrew.

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