Epic, Crazy and Life-Changing Things You Can Do in Tel Aviv

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Alva Yaffe
Alva Yaffe

1. Yom Kippur

Yes, it’s the holiest of days in Israel. And yes, it’s a serious holiday. But it’s on this day, the holiest day in Judaism, that the entire country of Israel comes to a standstill. And it’s a remarkable sight and experience, unlike any other.

From the evening of until the next evening, there are no cars on the roads. Naturally, people flock to the streets, which become a cyclist’s and skateboarder’s dream, and a pedestrian’s heaven. Just imagine, the entire country’s roads are yours. There’s something about being on the empty streets with people walking freely that is quite peaceful, and makes you feel like you went back in time more than 100 years. It’s memorable, and it’s truly epic.

2. Pride Week

In 2018, a quarter of a million people participated in Tel Aviv’s Pride Parade.

Tel Aviv has been celebrating Pride for 20 years now, and it’s getting bigger every year. Gay or not, it’s a fun and exciting event to partake in. It’s full of music, costumes, and colorful eye-candy. If you haven’t gone to the pride parade yet, make sure you go next year. It’s a way to show support and is undoubtedly entertaining.

3. Suppin’ It

Wanna feel like a real Tel Avivian? Get a SUP and head to the beach. For those who don’t know, SUP stands for Stand Up Paddleboarding. And it’s the perfect activity for those days when the waters of Tel Aviv are calm and serene. Surfing is also a “thing” in Tel Aviv and there are many surfers, but it seems as though Sup-ing speaks to more people. It has the best of both worlds – the thrill-seeking kind and the don’t-wanna-risk-my-life kind.

4. Drummers’ Beach

Every Friday at Dolphinarium Beach, people come together to drum, dance, and sing from the late afternoon until after sunset. It’s a powerful way to end the week. And, it’s free!

5. All Things Beach

There are 13 official beaches along the coast of Tel Aviv, and tons of activities to do on them. From yoga to volleyball to outdoor gyms, the beach is the perfect place to be for, more or less, nine months out of the year.

Yoga on the beach, for example, may not be considered epic or crazy, but if you make it a regular practice (and do it at sunset), it will definitely be life-changing.

6. Water War

Who said water fights are only for kids? Every summer, Rabin Square has a gigantic water war. It’s considered the largest water fight in the world. Trigger happy? We’ll see you there.

7. Night Run

Tel Aviv hosts an annual night run through the city streets. The next one is happening on November 13, 2018, by the way. So, if this sounds like your cup of tea, give it a run! There will be 25,000 others running along with you, but who’s counting?

8. White Night

White Night (לילה לבן) is another really cool event that happens every year. Basically, Tel Aviv stays awake … all night. Restaurants, shops, bars, museums, and galleries stay open until the morning, and there are lots of events and parties happening all over the city.

One of the coolest parts of White Night? The Headphone Party. Put your dancing shoes on and head out to Rabin Square. Simply come with your mobile phone and earphones, download the free Tel Aviv radio app, and dance your heart out until the sun comes up. It makes for a night to remember.


Alva Yaffe was born in Israel, but raised in Canada (Montreal and Toronto). She now lives in Tel Aviv, after making Aliyah in 2013, when she was 27 years old. Since then, she has married an Israeli, lived in over five places across the country, worked, studied, graduated with an MA in Art Therapy, and recently became a mother.

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