Every End is a New Beginning {in Hebrew}

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Danielle Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew teacher
Danielle Tourgeman, Citizen Café Hebrew teacher

Everything has an end and a beginning, this we know to be true!
But language is an evolving thing, just like we are as people. It stays alive by constantly changing. What makes a language relevant is its adaptation to every-day life.

You might already know the Hebrew word for end סוף (sohf), so here are some ‘inside’ catch phrases with it, that are used daily in Israel ,to wrap your end of the year with new treats and infuse you in every-day Hebrew!

סוף שנה (sohf shah-nah): End of the year. A phrase widely used in all school systems in Israel, usually right before summer starts. Often, it can be heard in workplaces as well.

סוף עונה (sohf oh-nah): End of the season. Basically this means – sale! You could see it spread in bright and colorful letters all over shop windows, and like everywhere in the world it follows the end of every season’s cycle.

סופ”ש (soh-fahsh): Weekend. An abbreviation that is as commonly used in our classes as it is on the street. In a hectic place like Israel, the weekend as a concept is almost iconic. It’s important to know what your plans are, and plan big, as it’s only a day and a half..

ֿסוף סוף (sohf-sohf): Finally. This cute phrase (literally ‘end end’) is emotive, and often used as an answer combined with a dramatic gesture. It makes total sense that Israelis will say the same thing twice and that’ll become a cultural catch phrase. I’m trying to make a point here, Alright alright? Nah, it doesn’t work in English.

?מה בסוף (mah bah-sohf?): Literally means ‘what in the end?. But actually this means ‘what happened in the end’? This is a very common slang in Hebrew and an easy way to make things more casual and down to earth!

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