From North to South: Discover Tel Aviv’s Best Neighborhoods

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Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher
Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher

If you’re reading this, then Tel Aviv has probably captured your heart – we can’t say we’re surprised!

In spite of its recent status as the world’s most expensive city, no one can argue with Tel Aviv’s legendary, delicious food, fabulous beaches, everlasting sunny weather, and the fact that there is always something exciting happening close by. Let’s take a look at Tel Aviv’s diverse neighbourhoods and what each one has to offer.

The Old North (HaTzafon HaYashan)

Boulevard in the Old North of Tel Aviv

Beyond its reputation as the place where many techies reside, the Old North has plenty of perks. With wide boulevards lined by tall trees, chic coffee shops, and lots of options for green oases within a five-minute walking radius, it’s the perfect area to find some tranquility in the midst of the city’s frenetic energy.

Where to hang: Go on a picnic in Independence Park (Gan Ha’atzmaut) and take in a gorgeous sunset. This scenic park is the place where everyone goes to drink and hang out after work hours and on the weekends, so make sure to get there early and grab a spot on the grass.

The Heart of the City (Lev Ha’Ir)

The Heart of the City (Lev Ha’Ir)

Stretching from Rabin square to Shuk HaCarmel, Lev Ha’Ir is home to many of Tel-Aviv’s most well-known landmarks. This area is packed with trendy bars, a wide selection of stores, local cuisine, and golden beaches; it’s undoubtedly Tel Aviv’s beating heart.

Where to hang: You’ve probably explored Rothschild Boulevard before, but have you ever ventured one street over to Ahad Ha’am street? In between iconic Bauhaus buildings and modern skyscrapers, it’s the perfect place to grab a coffee and people-watch. Check out Bucke Café or Coffee Shop 51! Plus, the Citizen Café campus is conveniently located nearby on Rotchschild 45 – feel free to come by and say hey!

The Yemenite Quarter (Kerem HaTeymanim)

The Yemenite Quarter (Kerem HaTeymanim)

Just behind Shuk HaCarmel lies the Yemenite quarter, or as locals call it, HaKerem (the vineyard). This neighborhood is also known as a paradise for foodies, thanks to the countless restaurants selling mouthwatering traditional food. The neighborhood was first founded by Yemenite immigrants in the 1800s and maintains a semi-traditional, authentic atmosphere to this day.

Where to hang: Grab a plate of hummus at Shlomo & Doron on a Friday afternoon after a swim at Geula beach and just before your afternoon nap. This quintessential trio is a recipe for ideal relaxation!


Florentin neighbourhood, Tel Aviv

Similar to Berlin’s Kreuzberg and Brooklyn’s Bushwick, Florentin is a mythological hub for artists of all kinds. The edgy neighborhood is well known for its bohemian vibes, industrial buildings, and stunning street art. Dog lovers – head to one of the many dog parks to walk your pup and maybe even end up with a meet-cute date.

Where to hang: Check out Sderot Washington (a shady boulevard) for some local street art and restaurants. We recommend exploring the neighborhood by foot and getting lost to observe the different styles and variations of street art!

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv’s first neighborhood, feels like a small artist village hidden inside the city. This enchanting area is picture-perfect with pedestrian-only streets, colorful alleyways, and fashion-forward residents wandering the walkways.

Where to hang: Don’t miss out on Shabazi street! The main street of Neve Tzedek is dotted with boutiques, art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and Anita—the queen of Tel Aviv’s gelaterias. You can also walk by Suzanne Dellal, a beautiful dance center, and see if you can catch a performance in the evening.

Jaffa (Yafo)

Jaffa (Yafo), Tel Aviv

“There is nothing like Jaffa in the nights,” says a classic Israeli song, and indeed, Jaffa in the night is the place where magic happens. The same is true, though, during the day. Jaffa brings a unique blend of a historic Mediterranean port city, captivating legends, and delicious eats; this area is a must-visit for anyone who loves antiquing and walking by the sea.

Where to hang: The popular flea market (Shuk HaPishpeshim) is one of Tel-Aviv’s main attractions, full of unique vintage items and hipster cafes serving delicacies during the day. As the night falls, the area gets edgier, and cafes make way for bars, live music, and chef restaurants that line the streets and alleyways, all the way to Old Jaffa.

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