These Hebrew-to-English Direct Translations Are Hilarious

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. מפה לאוזן

Transliteration: mi’peh leh’oh’zen

Direct Translation: from mouth to ear

Actual Translation: word-of-mouth

2. תן/תני בראש

Transliteration: ten/t’ni bah’rosh

Direct Translation: give in the head

Actual Translation: go for it

3. מערכת יחסים

Transliteration: mah’ah’reh’chet yeh’chah’sim

Direct Translation: relations system

Actual Translation: relationship

4. קרם הגנה

Transliteration: krem hah’gah’nah

Direct Translation: protection/defense cream

Actual Translation: sunscreen

5. מרכך שיער

Transliteration: meh’rah’kech seh’ar

Direct Translation: hair softener

Actual Translation: conditioner

6. תפוח אדמה

Transliteration: tah’pu’ach ah’dah’mah

Direct Translation: land apple

Actual Translation: potato

7. לשים לב

Transliteration: lah’sim lev

Direct Translation: to put (your) heart

Actual Translation: to pay attention/to notice

8. מגיע לי

Transliteration: mah’gi’yah li

Direct Translation: it arrives to me

Actual Translation: I deserve it

9. פירות ים

Transliteration: pay’rote yahm

Direct Translation: sea fruits

Actual Translation: seafood

10. על הפנים

Transliteration: al hah’pah’nim

Direct Translation: on the face

Actual Translation: very bad, terrible, lousy

11. בית ספר

Transliteration: beit seh’fer

Direct Translation: book house

Actual Translation: school

12. אחראי משמרת

Transliteration: ach’rah’ee mish’meret

Direct Translation: responsible shift

Actual Translation: shift manager/supervisor

13. לאכול סרטים

Transliteration: leh’eh’chol s’rah’tim

Direct Translation: to eat movies

Actual Translation: to be delusional

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