The Hebrew Guide to Emojis

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

1. סחתין ????

Transliteration: sahkh-ten

Meaning: good job, more power to you (slang)

2. נשיקה ????

Transliteration: neh-shee-kah

Meaning: kiss

3. חיבוק

Transliteration: khee-book

Meaning: hug

4. אש ????

Transliteration: esh

Meaning: fire, awesome (slang)

5. קקי / חרא ????

Transliteration: khar-rah / kah-kee

Meaning: shit (slang) / poop

6. לב שבור ????

Transliteration: lev shah-voor

Meaning: broken heart

7. לחיים ????

Transliteration: leh-khai-eem

Meaning: cheers (“to life”)

8. בול ????

Transliteration: bool

Meaning: exactly (slang)

9. גבר גבר ????

Transliteration: geh-ver geh-ver

Meaning: manly man

10. איזה באסה ????

Transliteration: ey-zeh bah-sah
Meaning: what a bummer

11. בסדר גמור ????

Transliteration: beh-seh-der gah-moor

Meaning: alright, fine, A-okay

12. יאללה ביי ????

Transliteration: yah-lah bye

Meaning: goodbye (slang)

13. מעצבן ????

Transliteration: meh-ahtz-ben

Meaning: annoying

14. מעניין ????

Transliteration: meh-ahn-yen

Meaning: interesting

15. סתם ????

Transliteration: stahm

Meaning: just kidding (slang)

16. איזה פאדיחה ????

Transliteration: ey-zeh fah-dee-khah

Meaning: what an embarrassment / how embarrassing

17. סגור ????

Transliteration: suh-goor

Meaning: for sure (slang)

18. הלוואי ????

Transliteration: hah-lah-vai

Meaning: I wish

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