Honest Hebrew Slogans – AM:PM, Castro, Super-Pharm and more!

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

There’s marketing speak, and then there’s the undeniable truth about some of our favorite brands in Israel.

1. AM:PM

Honest Slogan: לִסְגֹּור אֶת הַמַּאֲנְצ׳

Translation: satisfy your munchies

Transliteration: lees-gor et hah-mahnch

2. Castro

Honest Slogan: מַלְבִּישִׁים כֹּל גֶּבֶר יִשְׂרְאֵלִי

Translation: dressing every Israeli guy

Transliteration: mahl-bee-sheem kohl geh-ver yees-ray-lee

3. Super-Pharm

Honest Slogan: הַמַּזְגָּן הֲכִי טוֹב בָּעוֹלָם

Translation: the world’s best air conditioning

Transliteration: hah-mahz-gahn hah-chee tohv bah-oh-lahm

4. Egged

Honest Slogan: שֶׁיִּהְיֶה לְךָ בְּהַצְלָחָה לְהַגִּיעַ בַּזְּמַן

Translation: good luck arriving to your destination on time

Transliteration: sheh-yee-yeh leh-chah beh-hatz-lah-chah leh-hah-gee-yah bahz-mahn

5. Bissli

Honest Slogan: אֵין כְּמוֹ בַּמְבָּה

Translation: There’s nothing like Bamba.

Transliteration: eyn k’moh bahm-bah

6. HaKosem

Honest Slogan: פָלָאפֶל בְּחִינָּם בִּגְלַל הַתּוֹר שֶׁלֹּא נִגְמַר

Translation: free falafel balls because of the never-ending line

Transliteration: fah-lah-fel beh-chee-nahm beeg-lahl hah-tor sheh-loh neeg-mar

7. Dizengoff Center

Honest Slogan: חֲצִי קַנְיוֹן, חֲצִי מָבוֹךְ

Translation: half mall, half maze

Transliteration: cheh-tzee kahn-yohn cheh-tzee mah-vohch

8. AutoTel

Honest Slogan: תּוֹרְמִים לִמְצוּקַת הַחֲנִיָּה בְּתֵל אָבִיב

Translation: contributing to the parking distress in Tel Aviv

Transliteration: tor-meem leh-meh-tzoo-kaht hah-chah-nai-yah beh-tel ah-veev

9. Tubi 60

Honest Slogan: סַמִּים בְּבַּקְבּוּק

Translation: drugs in a bottle

Transliteration: sah-meem beh-bahk-book

All slogans are meant for entertainment purposes only. We do not claim ownership of, and all rights are reserved to, the companies and their respective copyrights.

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