How far can you get by learning Hebrew on your own?

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Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher
Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher

Let’s face it, the global pandemic got a lot of us used to becoming solo players in the word. After two years of limited physical contact and meeting in “bubbles,” interacting with other humans has become something that takes a little more effort.

Today, there are so many ways to start learning a language on your own at home. But does learning solo truly work when you’re trying to learn a new way of communicating?

We mapped out some of the pros and cons of learning alone so that you can get a better idea of what results to expect and recognize when it’s time to branch out and start learning with other people.

Advancing at your own pace

Certainly, it’s convenient to study something at your own pace without stressing over someone else’s steps. However, the drawback is that you don’t have someone to lean on to give you added support, show you all the peaks you can conquer, or motivate you to work harder! When you learn with others, you get to share your struggles and successes. Furthermore, instead of being a one man show, you can rely on your teacher to guide you through your language journey.

A safe space

When you learn on your own it feel less vulnerable. You may feel more comfortable sounding silly or making mistakes because no one is there to hear you. The question is, does this really prepare you to hold a conversation with another human in real life? Learning with other people mimics a real world dynamic. You get to practice communicating in a new language with that same rush of adrenaline you’d get in the real world. Practicing in these conditions will truly prepare you for moments when you want to communicate with locals and fully express yourself.

No strings attached

Commitment these days is tough. So it’s definitely an advantage to be able to study whatever you want, whenever you want, without having to conform to anyone else’s schedule or learning style.

But let’s be honest, very few people can actually progress without any kind of consistent structure. And that’s ok. Structures are there for a reason. When you take the leap to commit to a lesson with others, you create the right setting and habits to truly start advancing on your language learning journey.

When you think of all of these factors, it becomes clear that learning Hebrew by yourself can only take you so far. If you truly want to speak Hebrew out in the real world with confidence, taking a leap of faith and learning the language in it’s natural habitat (with other people) will better prepare to speak Hebrew in real life. Plus, joining a group of other like-minded people can only do good for your well-being!

Curious to know what it would be like to join a wonderful group of students from around the globe who share the same passion as you?

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