How to Compliment Someone in Hebrew

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

It’s no secret that compliments are great for breaking the ice, starting a conversation, or forming new connections. There have even been research studies that have shown that giving and receiving compliments makes us feel good by activating the reward circuit in our brain and creating a surge of dopamine! We made a list of our favorite compliments in Hebrew so that you can charm your way into the heart of any Israeli!

1. You have beautiful eyes – יש לך עיניים יפות

Said to a guy:

yehsh leh-chah ehy-nah-yeem yah-foht

Said to a girl:

yehsh lahch ehy-nah-yeem yah-foht

2. This color really suits you! — !הצבע הזה ממש מתאים לך

Said to a guy:

hah-tseh-vah hah-zeh mah-mahsh maht-eem leh-chah

Said to a girl:

hah-tseh-vah hah-zeh mah-mahsh maht-eem lahch

3. You’re really funny — את/ה ממש מצחיק/ה

Said to a guy:

ah-tah mah-mahsh mahts-cheek

Said to a girl:

aht mah-mahsh mahts-chee-kah

4. You dance well! — את/ה רוקד/ת יפה

Said to a guy:

ah-tah roh-kehd yah-feh

Said to a girl:

aht roh-keh-deht yah-feh

5. You’re perfect! — את/ה מושלם/מושלמת

Said to a guy:

ah-tah moosh-lahm

Said to a girl:

aht moosh-leh-meht

6. I’m glad we met — אני שמח/ה שנפגשנו

Said to a guy:

ah-nee sah-meh-ahch sheh-neef-gahsh-noo

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Said to a girl:

ah-nee smeh-chah


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