How to Get Cozy in Hebrew

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Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Café Hebrew teacher
Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Café Hebrew teacher

Even though winter hasn’t really arrived in Israel yet, and I’m actually writing this while wearing a short-sleeved shirt – winter vibes are indeed in the air, and with it – the perfect opportunity to cozy up! As a massive “Hygee” (look it up!) fan, combining my love for coziness with Hebrew seemed like the perfect win-win situation.

So, I’m proud to present to you my ultimate Hebrew guide for a blissful winter!

Let me begin by pointing out a painful fact – there is no word for “fluffy” in Hebrew. We would just say פלאפי (which is the same word in an Israeli accent).

Luckily we do have the perfect verb for snuggling or cuddling up – להתכרבל (leh-heet-kahr-behl). That leads me to my one of my favorite winter essentials – a soft fluffy blanket כרבולית (keer-boo-leet).

Yes, I’m aware of myself being a cliché, but as I noted in a previous article, clichés are created for a reason.
So I admit that cuddling, sipping some hot chocolate שוקו חם (shoh-koh chahm), and gazing at the rainy גשום (gah-shoom) window sounds like heaven to me. Candles נרות (neh-roht) and a pair of slippers נעלי בית (nah-ah-ley bah-eet) (literally ‘house shoes’) are also, obviously a must.

Wishing you all a warm חמים (chah-meem) and pleasent נעים (nah-eem) winter!

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