How to Sound Like a Local with the Hebrew “Oosh”

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

There’s a way to turn almost any Hebrew word into a much “cuter” version.

What’s the trick? Just add -oosh to the end of the word.

Here are some of the most widely-used examples!

1. Bat Mitzv-oosh

The is the classic -oosh.

In Hebrew: בת מצוו-וש

2. Hi-oosh and Bye-oosh

Saying hi and bye will never be the same.

In Hebrew: היי-וש, ביי-וש

3. Tov-oosh

They must have thought: “How can we make ‘good’ even better?”

In Hebrew: טוב-וש (good)

4. [insert name]-oosh

Every name has an -oosh nickname. Just take the first syllable and add the magic -oosh. For example: May-oosh, Guy-oosh.

5. Chamood-oosh

Because it’s just not cute enough without the -oosh.

In Hebrew: חמוד-וש (cute)

6. Bas-oosh

When it’s just not bad enough to be a real באסה (bah-sah), it’s just bas-oosh.

In Hebrew: באס-וש (bummer)

7. Sabab-oosh

Sababa is no longer cool enough; it’s officially sabab-oosh.

In Hebrew: סבב-וש

8. Matok-oosh

Let’s make sweet even sweeter by turning it into matok-oosh.

In Hebrew: מתוק-וש (sweet)

9. Kef-oosh

Saying kef-oosh is just more fun.

In Hebrew: כיפ-וש (fun)

10. Mam-oosh

For the full פרחה (freh-chah) experience, whip out the mam-oosh.

In Hebrew: מאמ-וש

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