Jump Into the Water: Hebrew Clichés

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Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher
Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher

Although clichés often feel cheesy and worn out, these famous sayings tend to live up to their stardom and to be true. Here is a collection of Hebrew clichés you should keep on hand for any situation you come across!

יהיה בסדר (yee-hee-yeh beh-seh-dehr)

Literally: It will be ok
English equivalent: It’ll all work out
This is the epitome of Israeli clichés that you’ve probably heard a million times. It doesn’t really mean much, and people often use it to avoid talking about the severity of situations. It’s a good “filler” for when you have nothing else to say, and hey, things usually do turn out OK, don’t they?

כשתגדל תבין (ksheh-teeg-dahl tah-veen)

Literally: You’ll understand when you’ll grow up
English equivalent: You’ll understand when you’re older
You know how kids ask “But why…” all the time? Well, you can use this condescending yet useful phrase when you don’t actually know the answer to whatever it is they’re asking.

עד החתונה זה יעבור (ahd hah-chah-too-nah zeh yah-ah-vohr)

Literally: Until the wedding it will pass
English equivalent: ?‍♂️
Even though there is no English equivalent, it is a very useful saying; Whether you have a splinter in your finger or a bad sunburn, this Israeli cliché has a tranquilizing effect. The subject isn’t about an actual planned wedding event, but rather general wishful thinking.

הכל לטובה (hah-kohl leh-toh-vah)

Literally: It’s all for the best
English equivalent: Everything happens for a reason
This is another phrase that you may have heard Israelis use often. It’s common to find similar sayings in many languages when we talk about making the best out of a bad situation.

(leek-pohtz lah-mah-yeem) לקפוץ למים

Literally: To jump into the water
English equivalent: Taking the leap
If you’ve ever visited Israel, you notice two things right away: 1. We don’t like to wait in lines and 2. We don’t beat around the bush. We dive right in! And in the heat of Israel, you’ll get burned real quick standing on the side of the pool… so why not just jump in?!

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