Life as a performer in Tel Aviv, with Jessy Katz

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Josh Hoffman and Jessy Katz
Josh Hoffman and Jessy Katz

Born and raised in New York, Jessy Katz joins the show to discuss life as a performer in Tel Aviv.

Host Josh Hoffman and Jessy cover a lot in this episode, including:

  • Dating in Tel Aviv
  • Being a foreign performer in Israel
  • Six years of living in Tel Aviv

Talking Points

Quotes From This Episode

  • “What I love about Israel is that it’s such a challenging place to live. When you come here, you are learning life.”
  • “No one ever taught me what Tel Aviv taught me. It really drives me to think outside the box.”
  • “Israel makes you so strong and super capable. You just have to not be afraid to get your hands dirty.”
  • “I don’t have a favorite restaurant in Tel Aviv. I have a favorite dish at a million different restaurants.”
  • “As a new Hebrew speaker, if you want to learn the culture and the language, throw yourself into it.”

About the Show

Hosted by Josh Hoffman, Totally Tel Aviv is an interview-style podcast that introduces you to Tel Avivians from all walks of life.

Totally Tel Aviv is recorded at Rise Tel Aviv.

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