These Are the Most Expensive Meals in Tel Aviv

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Alva Yaffe
Alva Yaffe

Even if you only give yourself one evening out of the year to go nuts at an expensive restaurant, let it be one of the best.

And, if it’s true that you get what you pay for, these meals should be worth the wait … and money.


1. Most expensive seafood: Pastel

Pastel is right next to the Tel Aviv Art Museum on Shaul Hamelech 27. It has an upscale, romantic, and modern vibe. They serve the priciest seafood dish in Tel Aviv: the Sicily Fish Soup (pictured), which costs 188 shekels.

2. Most expensive meat dish: Meat Bar

Meat Bar is a fancy meat restaurant on Sderot Chen 52, but it has a warm and welcoming vibe. Their lamb chops cost a cool 216 shekels.

3. Most expensive shakshouka: Mashya

If you’re wondering what an expensive breakfast looks like, you’ll find it at Mashya, on Mendele 5. The vibe is hip, stylish, and contemporary. They have red and white shakshouka, both of which cost 98 shekels.

4. Most expensive pasta: Pronto

Pronto is considered to be the best Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv. Located on Herzl 4, it has a formal, sophisticated, yet friendly and unpretentious vibe. If you want some pricey but promising pasta, order the Spaghettoni. It costs 148 shekels.

5. Most expensive sushi: Yakimono

Yakimono is on Rothschild Boulevard 19, so it’s obviously trendy and chill. Their Lobster Yakimono sashimi runs 340 shekels. Even if you go “simple” with some maki sushi, their salmon wasabi maki (six pieces) is 95 shekels. For that price, it’s gotta be edible art.

6. Most expensive dessert: Blue Sky

Blue Sky is on the rooftop of the Carlton Hotel, on 10 Eliezer Peri. The vibe is chic but relaxing, since the restaurant overlooks the Tel Aviv Port. Their New Middle East dessert costs 73 shekels and it looks as delicious as the view.

7. Most expensive steak: Goshen

Goshen, on Nachalat Binyamin 30, is a kosher meat restaurant with an intimate, fun, and young vibe. A good steak is never cheap, but Goshen has the least cheap steak in Tel Aviv. Their Entrecote Rosini is a 500-gram steak that costs 275 shekels.

8. Most expensive curry: Topolopompo

Topolopompo is an exotic and prestigious Asian restaurant on Hasolelim 14. They’re all about fire, as it’s a fire-burning kitchen. And their prices are pretty hot too; their red curry is priced at 128 shekels.

9. Most expensive Indian food: Taizu

Taizu is one of the most upscale Asian fusion restaurants in the city and considered one of the best. It’s located on Menachem Begin 23, and the vibe is sophisticated, yet energetic and cool. Be spontaneous and order the “Thali Dinner” for 295 shekels.

10. Most expensive vegan food: Zakaim

Zakaim is a fancy boutique vegan restaurant. They sit on Simtat Beit HaSho’eva 20 and their vibe is eclectic-shabby-chic. Their bourekas is 119 shekels.

11. Most expensive burger: Prozdor

You can find Prozdor on Mendele 6, and you can also find the most expensive burger there too. It’s not an upscale venue, and the vibe is easy-going and fun. They’re considered to have the best burgers in the city and the prices vouch for it. They have a few double deckers for 76 shekels each.


Alva Yaffe is a content writer and creator. She made Aliyah from Toronto in 2013. She lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and daughter and enjoys almost every minute of it.

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