Sight, Touch, Smell, Taste, Sound: The 5 Senses of Tel Aviv

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Alva Yaffe
Alva Yaffe

1. Sight

Forbes ranked Tel Aviv as one of the top-20 beautiful destinations in the world, and for good reason.

From beautiful people to gorgeous beaches, and beautiful people on the gorgeous beaches, it’s a sight to write home about. Not to mention, the greenery and Bauhaus architecture throughout the city.

But try not to stare too much; it’s rude.

2. Touch

If you come from a place with seasons, you can forget about them in Tel Aviv, where it’s summer for nine-to-11 months out of the year. Embrace the heat, and get used to multiple showers per day.

Not a touchy feely person? You’ll become one when you start to build an intimate relationship with the summer heat.

3. Smell

Sweet and sour. Ahh, the smells of Tel Aviv. Walking through the city streets is a trip; a rollercoaster of scents, if you will. You’ll enjoy the smell of all its delicious foods – the falafel, hummus, and warm pitas, the freshly baked bourekas, and the strong aroma of Israeli coffees.


Tel Aviv provides you with a mouthful of yum.

Here, the falafel stand on the corner is probably better than your five-star fancy restaurant back home. Even when you eat your shawarma on the street bench, it’s still the best shawarma you’ve ever eaten.

5. Sound

A symphony of noise. Tel Aviv is like an orchestra, with highs, lows and all kinds of rhythms. You have the lows: honking all day and night, people shouting at each other over a parking spot, and the overheard conversations about how hot it is. Oh, and let’s not forget the banging and booming from the garbage truck that comes at 5:00 in the morning right outside of your bedroom window.

But, you also have all the highs: like the bing-bong sounds of matkot along the shore, the bicycle bells in the streets, and all the languages you hear from around the world. In Tel Aviv, you’ll know how to say “How much does it cost?” and “How many falafel balls come in a half pita?” in Hebrew, Russian, French, and Arabic.

If there was a sixth sense, we’re sure Tel Aviv would master that one too.


Alva Yaffe was born in Israel, but raised in Canada (Montreal and Toronto). She now lives in Tel Aviv, after making Aliyah in 2013, when she was 27 years old. Since then, she has married an Israeli, lived in over five places across the country, worked, studied, graduated with an MA in Art Therapy, and recently became a mother.

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