Can you spot the preposition?

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Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher
Noa Lara Meir, Citizen Cafè teacher

Let’s talk about prepositions
Those tiny, yet vital ‘mini-words’ are a verb’s best friend.
They might be small, but they have a very big role: they are the glue that holds sentences together and puts things into context. Sometimes, they become such a crucial part of the word that you might not even realize they are there.

Here are some common Hebrew words that have a preposition hidden inside them:

כנראה (kah-neer-eh) | Apparently, probably, likely

The literal translation of this word is ״as it seems״ or ״as it appears to be”. The preposition here is the letter כ in the beginning, which means “as”.

למשל (leh-mah-shahl) | For example, for instance

It’s basically another way to exemplify and portrait something by talking about it. The more literal way to say this is for example, לדוגמה ( leh-doog-mah). In both of these examples, the preposition is the letter ל, which means for.

כאילו (keh-ee-loo) | As if, like

A huge word in Hebrew slang! You can hear and say it between literally every two words in a sentence, just as ‘like’ is frequently used in English. The preposition here is again, the letter כ.

באמת (beh-eh-meht) | Indeed, truly, really

It basically means – for real. It’s composed of the preposition ב (in) and the word truth אמת (eh-meht). It is used as a question (For real?!) as well as an answer (for real!)

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