Practice Reading These Common Signs in Hebrew

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Yonatan Engler
Yonatan Engler

One way to really start feeling like a local in Israel is by learning to recognize common signs in Hebrew that can be spotted on the street, at the mall, or on the road! We’ve gathered a list of the most common signs in Hebrew you’ll need to be able to get around confidently. Keep this list handy!

Common Signs in Hebrew

1. Entrance כניסה


Entrance Sign is Hebrew







2. Exit יציאה

Exit Sign in Hebrew







3. No entrance אין כניסה
(ehn knee-sah)

No Entrance Sign in Hebrew









4. Push דחוף

Push Sign in Hebrew







*Note: The word for “push” in Hebrew is pronounced “dchof” which sometimes gets mixed up with the word “da-choof” which means “urgent.”

5. Pull משוך

Pull Sign in Hebrew







6. Parking is forbidden החנייה אסורה
(ha-chah-nah-yah ah-soo-rah)

Parking is Forbidden Sign in Hebrew









7. New driver נהג/ת חדש/ה
(nah-hahg/nah-egeht chah-dahsh/cha-dahsha)

New Driver Sign in Hebrew









8. Sale מבצע

Sale Sign in Hebrew









*Double meaning alert: the word מבצע also means military operation.

9. For sale למכירה

For Sale Sign in Hebrew









10. For rent להשכרה

For Rent Sign in Hebrew









11. Be right back תיכף אשוב
(teh-chehf ah-shoov)

Be Right Back Sign in Hebrew









12. Entrance without a mask is forbidden הכניסה ללא מסיכה אסורה
(hah-knee-sah leh-loh mah-seh-chah ah-soo-rah)

Entrance Without a Mask is Forbidden in Hebrew









13. Caution! זהירות

Caution Sign in Hebrew









14. Self service שירות עצמי
(sheh-root ahts-mee)

Self Service Sign in Hebrew









15. Full Service שירות מלא
(sheh-root mah-leh)

Full Service Sign in Hebrew









16. Danger! Construction סכנה! כאן בונים
(sah-kah-nah kahn boh-neem)

Danger Construction Sign in Hebrew

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